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Sangoma Lyra Answering Machine Detection software license - (DISCONTINUED)

Sangoma Lyra Answering Machine Detection software license has been discontinued by the manufacturer. For more information or if you have questions, please call 800.398.8647.

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Sangoma Lyra AMD for Asterisk

Sangoma Lyra AMD for Asterisk is a call center answering machine detection software application sold on a per channel basis that helps enable fast and reliable real-time call classification. Lyra uses algorithms based on statistical learning and neural networks to deliver the highest accuracy and call delivery rates for automated calling applications.

Sangoma Lyra AMD for Asterisk Overview

Sangoma Lyra AMD for Asterisk is a 100% software platform and is built on statistical models based on neural networks that represent the potential outcomes of call attempts. The result is a virtual machine that learns the patterns of what constitutes a voice mail versus a live human versus a special intercept tone, etc. Patches are available for all major versions of Asterisk allowing for quick and easy integration.

Sangoma Lyra functions much like the human brain and is able to adapt to a wide variety of noise conditions, ringing patterns and telecom network conditions.

Sangoma Lyra can be simply integrated with Asterisk to build contact center solutions and can be used in conjunction with Sangoma NetBorder modules or Vega gateways to deliver AMD results over a traditional telephony interface, or in a pure VoIP network. Lyra AMD interfaces with automated applications via the standard SIP protocol, so there are no complex APIs to integrate.

Sangoma Lyra AMD Standard Support is available as a standard software maintenance contract priced per channel. Sangoma Lyra AMD Standard Support includes annual, renewable 5x9 email and phone support. This support also includes access to patches and maintenance updates, but excludes upgrades to major revisions.

Sangoma Lyra Features and Functions

SIP/ Session Control Interface
  • B2BUA as Relay Server or Outbound Proxy
  • SIP as per RFC 3261
  • 3PCC as per RFC 3725
  • Sangoma SIP Extensions for CPA
Media Processing
  • Patent-pending Call Progress Analysis Neural Network
  • Configurable pre-connect analysis (International pre-connect tones such asringing, Busy, SIT)
  • Post-connect analysis
  • End-of-Greeting detection
  • DTMF per RFC 2833
  • Built-in recorder for tuning and quality/accuracy audits
Management tools
  • Logging
  • Event viewers
  • Automated CSV file generation for quality/accuracy audits