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Sangoma Vega 50 8 BRI

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Sangoma Vega 50 8BRI Digital Gateway

The Sangoma Vega 50 8BRI Europa VoIP Gateway connects a wide range of legacy telephony equipment. It has the ability to connect up to 4 basic rate ISDN interfaces on 8 channels.

Sangoma Vega 50 Digital Gateway Overview

The Sangoma Vega connects a range of legacy telephony equipment including PBX's, ISDN telephones, ISDN, analogue phones and the PSTN to IP networks. It also ability to connect up to 10 analog ports and 8 basic rate ISDN interfaces on 16 supporting NT and TE modes. Each BRI interface is able to be independently configured as either NT or TE, and allows for connectability with both a PBX and ISDN at the same time. Therefore, the Sangoma Vega does not disrupt the configuration of the existing equipment but it will increase flexibility when it comes to call routing. The Sangoma Vega features interoperability with an expanse of existing telephone systems and a number of VoIP systems. Even under power failure conditions, PTSN calls can still be made which displays the reliability and continuity of your business. The Sangoma Vega is a must for new and established businesses to upgrade their communications capability.

Each BRI interface can be independently configured as network side or terminal side. The Vega 50 media gateway can, therefore, be connected to both a PBX & the ISDN simultaneously. This configuration provides:

  • •No disruption to the configuration of existing equipment
  • •Flexibility & choice for call routing
  • Sangoma Vega 50 BRI Features:



    • SIP
    • H.323 version 4
    • Audio codecs:
      • G.711 (a-law/µ-law) (64 kbps)
      • G.729a (8kbps)
      • G.723.1 (5.3/6.4 kbps)
      • Clearmode
      • GSM (Optional)
    • FAX Support – up to G3 FAX, using T.38
    • Modem Support – up to V.90, using G.711
    • Up to 8 VoIP channels

    Telephony Interfaces

    • 8 S/T interfaces presented on RJ45
    • Point to point or point to multipoint
    • Each interface can be configured NT or TE

    LAN Interfaces

    • 2 RJ-45s, 10 BaseT / 100 BaseTX, full / half duplex


    Telephony Features

    Available on FXS ports:

    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forward   Unconditional, Busy, No-Answer
    • Call Transfer   Blind, Consultative
    • 3 Way Conference
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Message Waiting Indicator – Audible, Visual
    • Music on Hold
    • Executive Barge


    • Caller ID presentation
    • Caller ID screening allows connections to be accepted only from selected call sources
    • H.323 gatekeeper registration
    • SIP Registration & Digest Authentication

    Operations, Maintenance & Billing

    • HTTP(S) web server
    • Radius Accounting & Login
    • Remote firmware upgrade:
      • Auto code upgrade
      • Auto configuration upgrade
    • SNMP V1, V2 & V3
    • Syslog
    • TFTP / FTP support
    • VT100   RS232 / Telnet/SSH
    • Voice readback of IP parameters

    Routing & Numbering

    • Dial Planner – sophisticated call routing capabilities, standalone or gatekeeper/proxy integration
    • Direct Dialing In (DDI)
    • SIP registration to multiple proxies
    • FXS ports support Call Waiting & Call transfer (blind & consultative)
    • NAT traversal

    Call Quality

    • Adaptive jitter removal
    • Comfort noise generation
    • Silence suppression
    • 802.1p/Q VLAN tagging
    • Differentiated Services (DiffServ)
    • Type of Service (ToS)
    • QoS statistics reporting
    • Echo cancellation (G.168 up to 128ms)

    Security & Encryption

    • Media – SRTP (Optional)
    • SIP – TLS (Optional)
    • Management – HTTPS, SSH Telnet
    • Configurable user login passwords
    • Enhanced Network Proxy (ENP) (Optional)



    EMC (Class A)
    • EN55022
    • EN55024
    • FCC Part 15
    • AS/NZS3548
    • VCCI
    • EN60950
    • IEC60950
    • UL60950
    • AS/NZS60950
    • TBR21 (FXO)
    • FCC Part 68
    • CS-03
    • TBR3 (BRI)


    • 0° .. 40°C
    • 0% .. 90% humidity (non-condensing)

    FXS Line Length

    • 1500ohm, up to 8km


    • LAN: speed / activity

    Physical Dimensions

    • 299.73mm (11.80") x 44.45mm (1.75") x 237.06mm (9.33") width/height/depth
    • Weight: 1.02kg (unit only)
    • Rackmount brackets supplied


    • Standard product: External 12V 24W AC/DC adapter

    Program Storage

    • Code & configuration data are stored in FLASH & executed from RAM

    Digital Signaling Type
    # of Ethernet Ports
    Ethernet Port Speeds
    Protocols Supported
    SIP, H.323
    Echo Cancellation
    Provisioning Options
    Auto Provisioning, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, RADIUS, TFTP
    Mounting Option
    Voice Signaling Methods
    Sangoma Vega 50 8 BRI

    Michael Rehac

    Direct: 716-213-6898

    Why Pay $935.00 for the Sangoma Vega 50 8 BRI?

    • Voice, FAX and Modem Support

    • Flexible Call Routing for Fallback and Least Cost Routing

    • Interoperability with a Wide Range of Legacy and IP Equipment

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