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With an On-Site Phone System, the customization is endless!

When you have all your phone system hardware located on-site in your office you have the freedom to customize different aspects as you wish. You also have the ability to get rid of your old telephone lines and use SIP trunks for your phone service.

SIP Trunking is simply telephone lines through your internet

SIP Trunks are a techy way of saying internet phone lines. You basically are able to get rid of those clunky telephone lines running to your building and have your phone service be through your internet connection.

Your company has the dedicated IT staff to manage your own VoIP phone system and know how to meet your client's demands. Whether you're a small business looking for the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP, or a mid-sized to a larger organization that needs business continuity, disaster recovery, and unlimited or metered calling plans.

Combine your know-how with our VoIP Solutions Experts and we will be able to find the right provider for you.

Want to learn about SIP Trunking at your own pace? Download our FREE SIP Trunking guide here!

Benefits of an On-Site Phone System

Low Monthly Fees - Once you purchase your hardware there or no recurring monthly fees for technical support or service updates

Add or Remove Users on your own - No need to contact anyone to add or remove employees to your phone system

Configure your phone system as you like - Setup only call features that fit your business and nothing extra needed

Increase workplace efficiency with Unified Communications

When moving to SIP trunks and doing away with the old telephone lines you begin to create a better experience for yourself and your employees. You now have the ability to implement a Unified Communications platform that can bring together application sharing, instant messaging, voice, and data. 

Sangoma SIPStation is one of our most popular SIP trunking solutions that provides integrated fax services, international calling, and more. Enjoy a 21-day free trial of SIPStation with a phone number of your choice today! Learn more here.

Hosting your own phone system gives you options to grow your business

  • Flat Monthly Rate - Save money on your phone system to put back into your growing business
  • Unlimited Calling - Call anywhere in the USA or Canada for a low monthly rate
  • Allow your Business to Grow - There is no maximum for your phone system, add users or SIP trunks as you need them.
Sangoma SIPStation

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