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Snom D710

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The D710 is End of Life. Please call 1-800-398-8647 for pricing and availability, or see the replacement D712 Desk Phone
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Snom 710 VoIP Phone

The Snom 710 is an entry-level VoIP phone with a 4 line black and white display. The Snom 710 has four context-sensitive function keys and five programmable LED function keys for increased user-friendliness.

Snom 710 VoIP Phone Overview

As customary for Snom products, the Snom 710 fulfills the requirements of VoIP technology and additionally offers numerous functions that are indispensable for everyday working life. Due to its excellent cost-performance ratio, the 710 is ideal both for ITSP bundle products and for small and medium enterprises, home offices, and private users.

The four-line B/W display of the Snom 710 with its four context-sensitive and variably programmable function keys sets new standards of user-friendliness: The menu-driven user interface provides simple and comfortable feature management. Functions like extension or speed dial can be mapped onto programmable keys easily and comfortably on the web interface or in the Settings menu of the Snom 710.

Snom also offers a UC edition Snom 710 that is qualified for Microsoft Lync. When registering a Snom 710 UC Edition you will create an easy mass configuration and customization of the snom VoIP Phones. These Snom UC Edition phones allow the Microsoft Lync user to now fulfill any business needs with a VoIP Phone.

Snom 710 Features and Functions:

  • Four-line B/W display
  • 4 SIP identities
  • 4 context-sensitive function keys
  • 5 freely programmable function keys with LEDs
  • Wideband audio
  • Hands-free operation
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • VLAN

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snom 710

Don Stefanie

Direct: 716-213-6906

Why Pay $119.00 for the Snom D710?

  • Freely programmable keys have built-in LEDs that show the status of the programmed function at a glance

  • Field tested software that has been used in many installations over the last decade

  • Four-line black and white display with four context-sensitive and variably programmable function keys

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Questions on Snom D710

From Jason Wang at 6/8/2015 8:00 PM

Q: What is the UC license for? Why do I need to get UC license?

A: Jason,

The license is used to activate the product, using their firmware and registers showing that is an activated unit.

Thank you for choosing VoIP Supply!


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From Dung Nguyen Ngoc at 8/29/2015 8:00 PM

Q: What is the origin of the phone ? Our project required that not from China.

Please check.

A: Hi Dung,

Snom phones are designed in Germany, but made in China.

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From Mike at 1/26/2017 7:00 PM

Q: Will the Nom 710 allow for multiple concurrent SIP account registrations/connections on different lines?

I need a phone that can connect to 2 separate SIP accounts, 1 account per line.

A: Hi Mike,

Yes, the SNOM 710 has 4 SIP identities. Which can be registered to different IP's.

Here is the datasheet for the device:
Please contact one of our sales experts to further assist you!


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