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Spectralink IP DECT Base Station

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Spectralink IP DECT Base Station

The Spectralink IP DECT Base Station, previously known as the KIRK IP base station, can be added to deployments of the Spectralink IP DECT Server 400, DECT Server 2500, IP DECT Server 6500, or DECT Server 8000 to expand the physical coverage area and/or add additional users. Each base station will support up to 12 concurrent calls.

Spectralink IP DECT Base Station Overview

Use the Spectralink IP-DECT Base Station to increase coverage and/or capacity in your wireless solution. When using the Spectralink IP-DECT Base Station, you will experience a more simple and manageable solution due to remote monitoring and maintenance of your communications platform. System administration is simplified as you remotely can complete software updates and track the status of each Spectralink IP-DECT Base Station. This is not possible with the Spectralink DECT Repeater, because it has no wired connection.

In addition to expanding the coverage area, the Spectralink IP-DECT Base Station also expands the capacity of your system by increasing the number of available voice channels. The Spectralink DECT Repeater does not increase the number of available voice channels but can only be used to increase the coverage area.

Each Spectralink IP-DECT Base Station has 12 speech channels and covers a circular area between 66 and 985 feet (20-300 meters) in diameter. Because coverage depends on location specifics such as building materials and interference, a site assessment before installation helps to determine the proper number and placement of base stations.

Spectralink IP DECT Base Station Features

  • Fast and easy installation
  • No external power required — powered from the PoE enabled LAN network
  • 12 simultaneous traffic channels (32 Kbit/s)
  • Interoperates with all Spectralink DECT Servers
  • Connect an external antenna to extend the coverage

IP DECT Base Station
Spectralink IP DECT Server 400 Base Station

Darren Hartman

Direct: 866-675-8461

Why Pay $599.99 for the Spectralink IP DECT Base Station?

  • Qualified for Microsoft® LyncTM Server

  • Increases business efficiency by integrating with application systems and business processes

  • Delivers high-quality and secure voice communication

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