SteadyNet SWADV3R Platinum 500 Appliance

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The SteadyNet SWADV3R Platinum 500 Appliance features up to 500Mbps.

SteadyNet SWADV3R Platinum 500 Appliance Overview

The Platinum 500 device is perfect for small branches with up to 50 users. The Platinum 500 supports roughly 500Mbps of continuous throughput with all features and functions of SimpleWAN enabled and can be easily deployed via software or cloud augmented updates. The platinum 500 can handle up to two internet connections and is capable of failover and load balancing. For high availability, it can also support satellite 4G and 5G technologies. This plug-and-play device gives you access to all of the SimpleWAN features and functions when you turn it on. The only time you will need to replace your Platinum 500 is if you outgrow its throughput capabilities. The SimpleWAN 500 is fully stateful and does not have any moving parts and also contains very low power usage. 

SteadyNet SWADV3R Platinum 500 Appliance Features:

  • Supports up to 50 users
  • Supports roughly 500Mbps of continuous throughout
  • easy installation and setup
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