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Switchvox 310 Appliance Cold Spare

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The Switchvox 310 Cold Spare has been marked EOL by the manufacturer. For pricing and availability, please call 1-800-398-8647. The suggested replacement is the Digium E510.
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Switchvox 310 Appliance Cold Spare

The Switchvox 310 cold spare is the perfect addition to your Switchvox 310 IP PBX Appliance. The 310 cold spare is an exact duplicate in technical specs as the Switchvox 310 appliance. Keep it on hand so if your 310 appliance ever goes down, within minutes you can be backup and running.

Switchvox 310 Cold Spare Overview

The Switchvox 310 cold spare can replace your primary 380 appliance in a pinch. It is a fully functional machine without user licenses. In the event of a primary server failure, you can easily reload your user licenses onto the Cold Spare and be up and running.

If you have Digium telephony cards installed into your primary Switchvox 310 appliance, you would either need to order spares for your Cold Spare, or uninstall them from the primary and reinstall them into the cold spare. For this reason, many IT admins prefer to use Digium Gateways instead of telephony cards because they can easily be disconnected from the primary and plugged into the Cold Spare.

Digium Switchvox
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Up to 45
Switchvox 310 Appliance Cold Spare

Brian Hyrek

Direct: 866-583-0815

Why Pay $2,495.00 for the Switchvox 310 Appliance Cold Spare?

  • Maximize Uptime by having a spare on hand

  • Easily migrate from your primary server to your cold spare in the event of an outtage

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