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Switchvox 305 SMB Appliance 1AS3050010LF (Discontinued)

The Switchvox 305 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We recommend the new Switchvox 310 as an alternative!

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Switchvox 305 SMB Appliance

The Digium Switchvox AA305 VoIP PBX Appliance is designed to support up to 150 Users. The AA305 appliance will support up to 45 concurrent calls, 10 concurrent call recordings, and 15 conference participants. The Switchvox 305 is ideal for medium-sized businesses with a server rack or shelf space that are looking for a server-class PBX.


Switchvox AA305 Overview

The Switchvox AA305 appliance ships with Switchvox SMB Edition IP PBX software, and is the ideal Digium solution for medium sized businesses seeking a full feature set and powerful functionality. The Switchvox AA305 is expandable with 3 PCI slots for additional PSTN connectivity. It will support a single, dual, or quad T1 line, a 4 span BRI card, or Digium TDM4xx and TDM8xx analog connectivity cards. Check out the accessories to the right of the page for TDM connectivity options.

The Digium AA305 includes an internal 3000w power supply and brackets for rackmount installation. A wall mount kit or rackmount kit is an optional accessory. Connectivity to the network is supplied via a single 10/100 port. Each Switchvox 305 system ships with Switchvox SMB software. For ease of deployment, equip your Switchvox 305 with Digium Phones for plug and play installation and configuration. For resiliency, Switchvox offers a cold spare option for the Switchvox 305 to minimize downtime.

The Switchvox 305 does not include any users. You need to add on Switchvox Gold or Switchvox Platinum users.


Switchvox 305 Features Functions:

  • 2GB of onboard RAM
  • 160GB Hard Drives
  • Ships with Switchvox SMB Edition 4.0 or higher
  • Supports 1 - 150 Users and up to 45 concurrent calls
  • Switchvox User Subscriptions required for each extension.
  • Will record up to 10 calls concurrently
  • Will allow up to 15 conference participants
  • Will support up to 3 of the following PCI Cards for PSTN Connectivity:
  • Digium TE122B single T1/PRI card
  • - Digium TE207 Dual T1/PRI card
  • - Digium TE407 Quad T1/PRI card
  • - Digium B410P BRI Card
  • TDM410 Up to 4 analog ports (Click the link to configure)
  • TDM800 Up to 8 analog ports (Click the link to configure)
  •  - TDM2400 Up to 24 analog ports (Click the link to configure) 
  • 300W Power Supply
  • 1 x 10/100 Ethernet Port 
  • Wallmount/rackmount brackets included
  • Includes a 1 Year hardware warranty
  • Switchvox SMB Features:
  • -The Switchboard
  • -Call Control and Call Routing
  • -Call Queues, IVR, and Conferencing
  • -Voicemail
  • -Music on hold
  • -Converged Phones
  • -Personal Call Rules
  • -Presence and Collaboration
  • -Voicemail to Email notifications
  • -Feature-rich adminstration panel including reporting, extension management, and diagnostics
  • -Switchvox APPS including Switchvox Mobile, Firefox Integration, CRM integration and the Extend API.
  • Visit the Switchvox site to see the details on each of these features. 



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