Upgrade 3CXHow to Upgrade your 3CX

If you have questions on how to migrate your data, backup and/or restore items, upgrading versions, licensing and any DNS or "Cannot reach activation server" issues, you may need to upgrade.
If you try to reactivate the current installation for any reason, reactivation will fail. If you do not upgrade, and you make any changes to the hardware or to the public IP,  the PBX will revert to free mode after this date. YOU MUST UPGRADE ASAP!

Upgrade to v18 On Windows

  1. Login to the Management console and go to “Backup and Restore.
  2. Take a full backup configuration (incl. Vmails and Recordings) for safety precautions.
  3. Download and save your backup outside of the instance
  4. Uninstall 3CXPhoneSystem V16.
  5. Install 3CXPhoneSystem V18. Download the latest version from your Customer portal account.
  6. Restore backup.
  7. Wait until the installation is complete.


Please see more information on how to upgrade here.