Valcom Impedance Matching Module V-LPT

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The Valcom V-LPT converts 45ohm talkback speaker outputs to the audio level and impedance required by Valcom Self-Amplified Speakers, Horns or other line level amplifier inputs.

The V-LPT Impedance Matching Module, also known as a One-Way Paging Adapter, serves the purpose of converting hands-free talkback audio outputs. Its main function is to adjust the audio signals to the appropriate level and impedance required for compatibility with one-way amplifiers, as well as Valcom One-Way Self Amplified Speakers or Horns. This device ensures seamless integration between hands-free talkback systems and the specified audio equipment, facilitating efficient power transfer and optimal signal quality. If you seek detailed information or have specific inquiries, consulting the product documentation or contacting the manufacturer would be advisable.

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