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Valcom VIP-402A

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Valcom VIP-402A 2' x 2' Lay In Ceiling Speaker

Valcom VIP-402A 2' x 2' Lay In Ceiling Speaker

The Valcom VIP-402A is a 23.75" x 23.75" one-way ceiling speaker that you lay into a drop tile ceiling grid with a standard 2ft x 2ft tile array.

Valcom VIP-402A Product Overview

The Valcom VIP-402A allows equal distribution of sound throughout a large open area without having to hard wire in ceiling speakers. When a drop tile ceiling is being used, the VIP-402A fits into a standard 2' x 2' tile area, allowing unobtrusive audio and easy wiring above the grid assembly. A single RJ45 PoE connection allows you to transmit audio via SIP to the speaker with no additional power requirements.

Valcom VIP-402A Features:

  • One-Way Communication
  • PoE (802.3af) - No Local Power Required
  • High-Efficiency 8" (203mm) Speakers
  • Durable Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish on Metal Surfaces
  • Output Level 103 db/1Meter
  • AUX Output Supports Valcom Amplified Speakers
  • Optional Wall Volume Controls Available
  • Integral Backbox (Plenum Rated) w/ 3 Hour Burn Rating
  • Easy/Fast Installation of Lay-In Ceiling Speakers

More Information
SKU 02-110963
Shop By Brand Valcom
Model VIP-402A
MSRP $796.00
# of Ethernet Ports 1
Ethernet Port Speeds 10/100
Protocols Supported SIP
Provisioning Options Web GUI
Wireless No
Mounting Option In-Ceiling