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    Grandstream's HT802 is a Dual FXS Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) with a sleek, modern design that is suitable for any residential or business setting that wants to turn their analog phone into a VoIP system.
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    Grandstream HT814 Analog Telephone Adapter is an easy to use 4-port ATA with an integrated Gigabit NAT router. Anyone looking to convert their existing analog technology into a VoIP system would benefit from this powerful ATA.
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    Grandstream's HT801 ATA replaces Grandstream's HT701 ATA and provides 1 port for connection to an analog phone or fax device on an IP or VoIP network.
  4. Grandstream HT503

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    The Grandstream HandyTone 503 is a 2 line ATA (analog telephone adapter) that allows you to use one analog device over an IP infrastructure or over PSTN lines while offering routing capabilities from your LAN to the WAN.
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    Grandstream HT502/503 220VAC EU Power Supply HT502/503-PS-EU

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