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  1. Patton SN101 SmartNode Analog Telephone or Fax Adapter (SN101/1JS/E-US)

    SKU: 02-123651

    Patton's SN101 SmartNode Analog Telephone or Fax Adapter (SN101/1JS/E-US) with 1 FXS allows you to make VoIP calls through your standard telephones using your broadband connection. With the SN101, you won't have to update all of your analog phones in order to update your phone system.
  2. Grandstream HT801 ATA

    SKU: 02-123503

    Grandstream's HT801 ATA replaces Grandstream's HT701 ATA and provides 1 port for connection to an analog phone or fax device on an IP or VoIP network.
  3. Patton M-ATA

    SKU: 02-101567

    The Patton SmartLink Micro Analog Telephone Adapter M-ATA provides connectivity for analog phones and faxes to a home, home office or corporate LAN.
  4. Polycom OBi300 1 Port ATA

    SKU: 02-116086

    The Polycom OBi300 is a Service Provider quality, 1 port Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) which allows you to use your existing analog phones or fax machines to make calls using the internet. The OBi300 will work with most SIP-based Internet Service Providers (ISP) and is available with Zero Touch customization with a small minimum order quantity.
  5. Obihai OBi200 - 1 FXS Analog Adapter

    SKU: 02-118318

    The Obihai OBi200 is an analog telephone adapter (ATA) that can be used to connect analog devices such as a telephone, fax machine or paging unit to a VoIP phone system. The OBi200 features a single FXS port, a USB and can support up to 4 SIP accounts.

5 Item(s)

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