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VoIP Gateway Solutions for Phone, Fax and PSTN Connectivity

Analog VoIP Gateways

Connect your legacy telephones and fax machines to your VoIP Phone System and connect your VoIP Phone System to the PSTN with an Analog VoIP Gateway.

Choose from over 45 different Analog VoIP Gateway solutions at VoIP Supply. All of our VoIP Gateways carry a standard manufacturers warranty, are supported by our in-house team of VoIP Gateway experts and are compliant with most VoIP protocols and codecs.

Get an Analog VoIP Gateway today and SAVE big.

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  1. AudioCodes MP-124E FXS Gateway

    SKU: 02-100308

    The Audiocodes MediaPack 124 Gateway with 24 FXS Ports allows up to 24 analog devices to access VoIP through your IP Network.
  2. Patton SN4741/24JS24V/RJ11/EUI SN4740 24 FXS Gateway

    SKU: 02-127954

    The Patton SmartNode SN4741/24JS24V/RJ11/EUI provides 24 FXS ports and gives you the ability to connect phones, fax or PSTN trunk lines to your Unified Communication system.
  3. Patton SN4400 VoIP Gateway Router

    SKU: 02-sn4400

    The Patton SN4400 series VoIP Gateway-Router gives your system access to up to 32 FXS ports for connecting analog devices to your PBX such as analog telephones, fax machines, or modems or up to 32 FXO ports for connecting to the PSTN. The chassis features 2 10/100 Ethernet ports, a single internal power supply (UI or 48V DC) and an RJ50 Telco connector.

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    To: $4,898.00

  4. Grandstream GXW4224 24 FXS Port VoIP Gateway

    SKU: 02-114774

    The Grandstream GXW4224 is a 24 FXS port VoIP gateway that can be used to connect analog devices such as phones and faxes to a VoIP network. Support for several voice/fax codes and a combination of 24 RJ11 FXS ports and a 50-pin Telco connector makes the GXW4224 versatile for a variety of uses.
  5. Patton SN4924/JO/R48

    SKU: 02-110066

    The Patton SmartNode 4924 VoIP Gateway is a 24 FXS port gateway with a 48 volt DC redundant power supply.
  6. Patton SN4924/JS/RUI

    SKU: 02-101578

    The Patton SmartNode 4924 VoIP Gateway is a 24 FXS port gateway with redundant UI power.
  7. Patton SN4424/JS/UI Gateway

    SKU: 02-108824

    The Patton SmartNode 4424 IPChannel Bank is the perfect VoIP gateway for applications requiring 24 concurrent analog/fax calls within a single redundant solution.

7 Item(s)

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