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Analog VoIP gateway solutions from brands like Adtran, Audiocodes, Cisco and Grandstream

Analog Gateways

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Analog Gateways

VoIP Gateway Solutions for Phone, Fax and PSTN Connectivity

Analog VoIP Gateways

Connect your legacy telephones and fax machines to your VoIP Phone System and connect your VoIP Phone System to the PSTN with an Analog VoIP Gateway.

Choose from over 45 different Analog VoIP Gateway solutions at VoIP Supply. All of our VoIP Gateways carry a standard manufacturers warranty, are supported by our in-house team of VoIP Gateway experts and are compliant with most VoIP protocols and codecs.

Get an Analog VoIP Gateway today and SAVE big.

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  1. Cisco SPA8800

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    The Cisco SPA8800 IP Telephony Gateway adapts to the needs of businesses that maintain their own on-premise IP private branch exchange (PBX) or that want to add voice over IP (VoIP) to their legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) PBX or key system.
  2. Cisco SPA8000

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    Linksys SPA8000-G1 is an 8 FXS Port Analog Telephone Adapter Gateway.

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