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VoIP Gateway Solutions for Phone, Fax and PSTN Connectivity

Analog VoIP Gateways

Connect your legacy telephones and fax machines to your VoIP Phone System and connect your VoIP Phone System to the PSTN with an Analog VoIP Gateway.

Choose from over 45 different Analog VoIP Gateway solutions at VoIP Supply. All of our VoIP Gateways carry a standard manufacturers warranty, are supported by our in-house team of VoIP Gateway experts and are compliant with most VoIP protocols and codecs.

Get an Analog VoIP Gateway today and SAVE big.

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  1. Xorcom GW0005 8-FXS Analog VoIP Gateway

    SKU: 02-127664

    The Xorcom GW0005 8-FXS Analog VoIP Gateway provides the connection between IP telephony networks and legacy telephony (POTS). The GW0005 also helps to connect fax machines and PBX systems.
  2. Xorcom GW0012 32-FXS Analog VoIP Gateway

    SKU: 02-127666

    The GW0012 is a multi-functional analog gateway that provides seamless connection to legacy PBX systems and fax machines. The GW0012 has 32 FXS ports.
  3. Patton SmartNode 4141 VoIP Media Gateways (SN4141/2ETH8JS8V/EUI)

    SKU: 02-123912

    Patton SmartNode VoIP Gateway, 8FXS, 8 VoIP Calls and a ton more. Take the old comfy tech you know and love and let it operate on a hip next-generation network. Talk about the best of both worlds.
  4. Adtran Total Access 908e with SBC, 5 Calls with Lifeline FXO (4243908F5)

    SKU: 02-123960

    The Total Access 908e Gen 3 IP Business Gateway for Ethernet and multi-T1 applications feature all the same robust routing and voice features of the previous generation (2nd Gen) IPBGs, along with new features and functions that enable cost effective, reliable IP service delivery.

  5. Grandstream HT818 8-port VoIP gateway

    SKU: 02-124223

    The Grandstream HT818 is an 8-port FXS gateway that facilitates the conversion of analog lines to VoIP. With an integrated Gigabit NAT Router and strong encryption, the HT818 is a reliable and safe gateway/router for VoIP deployments.
  6. Mediatrix C711 8 FXS Gateway - TR-069 Enabled

    SKU: 02-126133

    The Mediatrix C711 VoIP Gateway offers 8 FXS ports and 2 10/100 Ethernet ports, allowing you to use VoIP with analog components. Use the Mediatrix C710 to connect analog phones and fax machines to a VoIP PBX, or use it to connect a legacy analog PBX to a VoIP Service Provider.
  7. Sangoma Vega 60G V2 8 FXS Gateway

    SKU: 02-129719

    The Sangoma Vega 60G V2 8-port Analog FXS to VoIP Gateway is constructed to simplify the integration of analog phone systems or Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) devices to a VoIP network.
  8. Yeastar NeoGate TA800

    SKU: 02-118483

    The Yeastar NeoGate TA800 is a multi-port FXS gateway including 8 FXS ports, line echo cancellation and is compatible with both SIP and IAX2. The TA800 is ideal for small and medium enterprises that wish to integrate a traditional phone system into IP-based system.
  9. Poly OBihai OBi508 2200-49552-001

    SKU: 02-118561

    The Poly OBihai OBi508 is a 8 FXS analog gateway for use with regular phones, faxes and legacy systems. The Poly OBi508vs also includes one gigabit ethernet port.
  10. Sangoma Vega 60G Gateway 8 FXS (VEGA-60G-0800)

    SKU: 02-123716

    The Sangoma Vega 60G Gateway 8 FXS (VEGA-60G-0800) helps attach your legacy telephony equipment to IP networks.

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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