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Phone Accessories

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    The Cisco CP-SINGLEFOOTSTAND is the necessary stand for adding 1 CP-7914, CP-7915, or CP-7916 expansion module to your Cisco CP-79xx IP phone.
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    Has your Cisco phone been cracked or damaged? Our Bottom Housing replacement kit is what you need to repair your defective Cisco phone.
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    Replacement plastic bezel kit for Cisco CP-7940G IP Phone.
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    Replacement Bezel faceplate Kit for Cisco CP-7960G IP Phone.
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    The Cisco CP-BATT-7921G-EXT is the extended performance Lithium Ion replacement battery for the Cisco CP-7921 WiFi phone.
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    SpectraLink BPE100 - Compatible with the Spectralink e340 handset.
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    The Polycom VVX Expansion Module is a sidecar expansion module for the Polycom VVX Business Media Phones. You can add up to 3 VVX Expansion Modules to give you 90 additional keys helping turning your VVX phone into a desktop phone capable of handling multiple lines, call appearances, speed dials or BLF keys.
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    The Grandstream GXP2200EXT is the expansion module that has 40 additional display lines and can be used with the GXP2140 and the GXV3240 VoIP Phones
  9. Aastra M680i

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    The Aastra M680i is a paper label expansion module for Aastra 6800 series phones.
  10. Cisco SPA500S

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    The Cisco SPA500S is a 32 button expansion module for use with the Cisco SPA500 series of VoIP phones.

Items 11 to 20 of 207 total