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Corded IP Phones

Corded IP Phones

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Corded IP Phones

Corded VoIP Phones

Even with the recent boom of WiFi and DECT phones and USB headsets for softphones, corded VoIP Phones continue to be a staple in most office environments. We carry a complete lineup of corded SIP Phones for integration with your open source PBX.

Browse corded phones from popular brands like Panasoinic, Grandstream, Polycom, Yealink and Cisco as well as high definition and Gigabit corded phones.

All of our Corded IP phones are fully warranted, supported by our in-house experts, SIP compliant and work in conjunction with most of the popular VoIP Phone Systems on the market. Don’t miss out – Get an IP phone from VoIP Supply today.

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  1. Cisco SPA525G2

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    The Cisco SPA525G2 VoIP phone is a 5 line SIP phone featuring a 3.2in high resolution color display, HD Voice, and built in WiFi connectivity.
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    The Cisco SPA525G2 VoIP phone is a 5 line SIP phone featuring a 3.2in high resolution color display and HD Voice.
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    The Synapse Mobility Starter Bundle includes the Synapse SB67030 feature deskphone, the Synapse SB67040 DECT accessory handset, and the Synapse TL7800 wireless headset. It is everything a worker who is mobile throughout the company will need to stay connected while working.
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    The VTech ErisTerminal VSP735 VoIP Phone is a 5-line PoE desk phone. The VSP735 has impressive call handling, one-button call routing, and HD voice quality that makes it an excellent addition to any office.
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    The Cisco® IP Phone 8841 is a business-class collaboration endpoint that delivers high-fidelity, reliable, secure, and scalable voice communication for midsize to large enterprise businesses. With the Cisco IP Phone 8841, you can increase personal productivity through an engaging user experience that is both powerful and easy-to-use.
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    The OBihai OBi1022 VoIP Phone has 5 lines with a LED color display. The OBi1022 offers HD voice, PoE support and dual Ethernet ports.

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