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Skype compatible VoIP phones

Skype Phones

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Skype Phones

IP Phones Optimized For Skype

Amplify your Skype calling experience with a Skype Phone from VoIP Supply.

Choose from over a dozen different Skype VoIP Phones that range from a simple USB phone to a desktop Skype phone. All of the Skype Phones below are certified by Skype or have been tested as compatible with Skype by VoIP Supply. Take your Skype calling experience to the next level - get a Skype Phone today!

USB Phones for Use With Skype

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  1. Plantronics Calisto P620

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    The Plantronics Calisto P620 is a personal Bluetooth conference phone designed for PCs and mobile phones. Designed with mobility in mind, the Calisto P620 includes a USB adapter for connecting to PCs and laptops and a soft carrying case.
  2. Plantronics Calisto P240

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    The Plantronics Calisto P240 is a portable USB handset for PC communications. The Calisto P240 has wideband audio and a noise-cancelling microphone in a familiar handset design.

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