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VoIP Supply - Wireless VoIP Solutions

Find the right wireless solution for your VoIP needs!

The need for mobility in the office in becoming more prevalent as the business-world moves forward. Along with mobility inside your company's walls there is the need for remote workers and “road warriors” who spend little to no time in the office.

There are options for you when you have a VoIP Phone System to create these mobility solutions for you and the entire staff of the company. There are two different options to consider when looking for a Wireless VoIP solution. We can explain the advantages and disadvantages of both and help get you going in the right direction. As always, if you want to talk to a real VoIP Expert , give us a call anytime!

VoIP Supply - Wireless VoIP Solutions

Wireless VoIP with DECT

Wireless VoIP - DECT Technology

Wireless VoIP phones using DECT technology are wireless VoIP phones but, they have a base station that is hardwired to an internet connection and then the signal is transmitted wirelessly to the handset. Most are single line phones and usually have a range of 300 square feet from the base station. Signal repeaters are available if you need to increase the range that the phone can move away from the base station.

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Wireless VoIP with Wifi

Wireless VoIP - WiFi Technology

WiFi VoIP Phones require a wireless access point (WAP) to connect to and need to register with a service provider such as CloudSpan or Premise Based IP PBX. These phones work with the 802.11b/g/n standards and will scan to find the nearest access point. The vast majority of WiFi VoIP phones are single line cordless units, but there are a few desktop WiFi phones as well.

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