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Xorcom Spark CXS1000/NU

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Xorcom Spark CXS1000/NU

Xorcom's CompletePBX product line are an open based telephony system for business users. As part of this product line, the Xorcom Spark CXS1000/NU is a non upgradable IP-PBX that provides users with a full-featured, enterprise-grade VoIP system for a max of 30 users. 

Xorcom Spark CXS1000/NU Overview 

This compact appliance is both budget friendly and rich in features. This is a pre-configured, stand-alone appliance. You are unable to add telephony modules to this system internally. You have the option of adding telephony modules to this system by ordering an external Astribank.A user-friendly Web interface in multiple languages, Endpoint manager and Package manager for easy updates are just a few of the features of the CXS1000/NU.

Xorcom Spark CXS1000/NU Features and Specifications 

  • Supports 2-30 extensions

  • Optional ½ PRI (up to 16 channels)

  • Up to 16 analog ports (FXS and/or FXO)

  • Up to 8 BRI ISDN ports (16 channels)

  • Up to 30 concurrent SIP calls

  • Up to 16 concurrent E1/T1 calls

  • Up to 16 concurrent E1/T1/BRI/ FXS/FXO calls

For a complete list of specifications, please click on the Guides and Datasheets tab. 


Questions on Xorcom Spark CXS1000/NU

From Julio Martinez at 6/8/2016 8:00 PM

Q: This price include the FXO ports?

A: Julio,

Yes the FXO ports are included with this device. FXS and FXO.

Please contact our sales department to further assist you!

Thank you for choosing VoIP Supply!


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