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Xorcom XR2000 IP PBX Configurator (Discontinued)

The Xorcom XR2xx Series has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by the Xorcom CXR2000 CompletePBX. For more information, please call 800-398-8647.

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1 Year
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Up to 45
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Xorcom XR2000 SMB IP PBX Configurator

The Xorcom XR2000 is an Asterisk-based IP PBX system supporting various combinations of telephony ports. The stand-alone Xorcom XR2000 base unit may be equipped with up to 32 analog FXS/FXO ports, up to 8 BRI ports, and 1 E1/T1 PRI, 1 T1 CAS, or 1 E1 R2 port in a single, 19" 2U chassis. Additional PSTN / Analog phone ports can be provided by connecting external Astribank units via the USB2 ports, for a total of up to 160 PSTN / Analog phones ports, up to 200 users and up to 85 concurrent calls.

XR2000 series is designed to support up to 200 users and up to 85 concurrent calls in a normal office setup. It supports traditional telephony standards (lines and phones).

Use the drop-down options above to choose the exact configuration of the Xorcom XR2000 you would like.

Xorcom XR2000 Product Features and Specifications


  • Up to 200 users
  • Various combinations of FXS, FXO, BRI ISDN and PRI/CAS/R2 ports
  • Supports SIP and IAX2 phones and trunks
  • From 8 to 32 analog lines/extensions integrated into the unit
  • Up to 8 BRI ISDN ports
  • Single ISDN PRI (E1/T1) T1 CAS, or E1 R2 port
  • Up to 4 external Astribank USB channel banks
  • Concurrent calls: Up to 85 (SIP only); up to 45 (PRI + FXS)
  • Supports auxiliary appliances (door locks, alarm systems etc.)
  • Easy-to-use Web interface for Asterisk and network setup


  • Processor: Intel Atom D2500, Dual Core, 1.86GHz
  • RAM 2 GB
  • Hard disk From 320GB 2.5″ (optional upgrade to 500GB)
  • Echo Cancellation module Voice enhancement & echo cancellation (optional)
  • USB 4 external USB 2.0
  • Analog Lines Fail-over In case of power outage or an Asterisk malfunction, up to six analog PSTN lines are routed directly to predetermined analog extensions.
  • I/O Ports Input/Output ports for Asterisk peripheral device support (model-specific)
  • Rapid PA™ Public Address capability for FXS port(s) (optional and model-specific)


  • Software: Asterisk version 11.x (Elastix 2.4x)
  • Linux version: CentOS 5.x
  • GUI: Based on FreePBX

Click HERE for a Xorcom XR2000 Datasheet