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Yealink DD10K DECT Dongle 1300020

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The Yealink DECT DD10K dongle allows for the Yealink T41S/T42S to work as a handset after you pair it with the W60B DECT IP base. The DD10K also allows for the Yealink T53, T53W, T54W, T57W, T58A and VP59 Phones to work as a DECT base station to pair up to 4 compatible Yealink W52H/W56H/W53H handsets.

Yealink DD10K DECT Dongle 

The DD10K complements the Yealink DECT series and Yealink T5 Series. This quick plug-and-play accessory easily attaches to your desk phone giving it DECT capabilities. It can also be plugged into the Yealink  T53 , T53W,  T54WT57WT58A and VP59 phones to turn them into a powerful DECT base station.  The Yealink DD10K is compliant with the CAT-iq 2.0 standards, and it is easy and safe to deploy, guaranteeing a flexible and optimal user experience. This system creates a DECT connection that is quick and reliable without the need for expensive wiring and messy cabling. 

Yealink DD10K DECT Dongle Features and Specifications:

• Supports Yealink SIP- T41S/T42S with FW or, Yealink T5 series.
• Reliable Connection
• Ease-of-use
• Plug and Play
• High Transmission Rate

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