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Ruckus ZoneDirector 1 Year Software Upgrade Support

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Ruckus Wireless
1 Year

Ruckus Wireless offers Software upgrade support for your ZoneDirector Controller so that you can stay current on all updates and upgrades.

Ruckus ZoneDirector Software Support for 1 Year Overview

Many Customers have internal support organizations to maintain their wireless network infrastructure and prefer not to contract with their Partner/Reseller or Ruckus. In these cases, Ruckus can augment self-service by providing Warranty service for defective products, Training for the Customer’s personnel, and S/W Subscription for upgrades and fixes.

Customers should consider the following points before making the decision to provide self-support:

  • - Customer will not have access to Ruckus or Partner technical assistance. This means the Customer must staff to provide all technical assistance for their users.
  • - Products change over time and retraining may be required. The Customer must bear the cost of additional training and associated travel.
  • - Personnel change over time. Again, Customers must bear all costs associated with training new personnel when this occurs.
  • - Hardware failures that occur post-DOA period but still within the warranty period must be returned to the designated Ruckus logistics facility for repair or replacement. This means that the product could be unavailable for up to 30 days as a result of the inbound shipping time to Ruckus, processing time once received at Ruckus, and subsequent return shipping time to the Customer. Consequently, Ruckus strongly recommends that you purchase adequate spare units to minimize network outage resulting in these situations. This includes both controllers and APs to cover high-profile users. Please consult your Ruckus sales representative or Ruckus partner to develop a sparing strategy appropriate for your environment.
  • - Products that fail after the warranty will not be repaired or replaced by Ruckus. The Customer will need to purchase another product to replace the defective one. Contact your Reseller or Ruckus sales representative if this occurs.
  • Ruckus ZoneDirector Software Support for 1 Year Overview

    One year of software upgrades if they become available

    One year of bug fixes and updates as they become available

    **Software Upgrade Support is highly recommended for the life of your Zone Controller**

    Ruckus Wireless
    Ruckus ZoneDirector 1 Year Software Upgrade Support

    Michael Rehac

    Direct: 716-213-6898

    Why Pay $0.00 for the Ruckus ZoneDirector 1 Year Software Upgrade Support?

    • Get upgrades to your ZoneDirector software

    • Get bug fixes and updates for 1 year

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