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Snom IP, DECT & Conference Phones


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Snom VoIP Phones

About snom

snom technology AG is based in Germany and has 13 years in the VoIP industry.

snom maintains a presence in over 40 countries around the world and adheres to the channel philosophy for delivery of its products.

snom telephony devices are suitable for use in a wide variety of company models from the individual home-office workstation to the large enterprise. snom's VoIP phones are based on open SIP standards so they can be used with a variety of PBX systems.

Why buy snom?

  • Phones support multiple SIP identities, so they will support open SIP PBXs
  • Desk phones are PoE out of the box, have an optional A/C adapter if you need it, support XML, and include a dual Ethernet port switch.
  • Phones are easy to deploy and configure, including mass deployment support, auto firmware upgrade and configuration, self diagnostics (one click SIP trace), and a web interface for local/manual configuration.