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3CX Maintenance for Perpetual licenses 1-Year (3CXPSM)

These are maintenance renewals for PERPETUAL Licenses ONLY. Please call 1-800-398-8647 for help placing your renewal order as we will need your License Key. You can also request a quote through the form at the bottom of this page.
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3CX Maintenance for Perpetual licenses 1-Year (3CXPSM)

3CX Maintenance, previously called 3CX Upgrade Insurance, is included for the first year of any new 3CX Phone System package. After that, you are going to want to keep current on your Maintenance. 3CX releases minor upgrades and patches every 2-3 months addressing issues brought up by its customers or adding more functionality. In addition, 3CX releases a brand new version about once a year. When the newest technology is available, you don't want to be left out. By keeping your 3CX Maintenance current, you are entitled to all the 3CX full version upgrades, patches, IP phone firmware updates, and 3CXPhone client updates you want at your convenience.

3CX Maintenance is the least expensive way to keep your 3CX phone system running the latest technology. If you let your 3CX Maintenance expire and you find yourself in need of a feature in the newest release of 3CX phone system, you will be required to buy a version upgrade or worse, a whole new product license. Don't spend money needlessly. Keep your Maintenance up-to-date!

Your 3CX Maintenance will expire 1 year from the date that you activated your license. You can renew any time up to the date of expiration. In addition, you have a 30 day grace period after your 3CX Maintenance expires to renew without penalty. If you do not renew within your allotted time, your next option would be to buy a version upgrade when you are ready to upgrade to the newest 3CX release. Version upgrades cost about 70% of the full software package... ouch!

Choose the 3CX Maintenance contract you need from one of the drop down menus below. You must know how many 3CX Simultaneous Calls (SC) you had on your initial 3CX purchase and whether or not you had the base model or the 3CX Professional Edition (Previously called 3CX Call Center).

3CX Phone System - Standard Edition

If you originally purchased the base model of 3CX Phone System without Call Center Module, this is the maintenance contract that you need. It is important to know how many Simultaneous Calls (SC) your initial license covered so you purchase the correct 3CX Maintenance Contract.

3CX Phone System Professional Edition

3CX Professional Maintenance will insure that you have access to the most recent firmware and version releases on your 3CX Professional Phone System, previously called 3CX Call Center.

3CX Phone System Enterprise Edition


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