Basic VoIP Phone System Deployment

The simple way to implement a VoIP phone system

The old saying goes that there are a hundred ways to skin a cat. The same holds true for implementing a VoIP phone system .

But that doesn't help you much does it? Heck, it would probably nice to just know one way to skin a VoIP implementation!

Well unless you are working in a large enterprise environment, have multi-site concerns or need an advanced distributed set-up a basic VoIP implementation will suit your needs.

What does a basic VoIP phone system implementation comprised of and look like? For that you'll have to read on.

Anatomy of a basic VoIP phone system implementation

Your basic VoIP phone system implementation will involve the following components:

  • Your Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Your Internet connection
  • Your connection to the PSTN
  • Your VoIP service provider
  • Your new VoIP PBX (also called an IP PBX)
  • Your desktop VoIP phones (also called IP phones)
  • You and your users

Each of your components plays a critical role in the functionality and benefits you receive from your VoIP phone system.
Right now it might not be clear how they all fit together. How about we check out the diagram below for more on that?

Diagram of a basic VoIP phone system implementation

Basic deployment

You can see from the diagram above that a basic VoIP deployment is rather simple.

  • Your LAN is at the center of your deployment. It acts as the connector and transport mechanism for the entire system.
  • Your VoIP PBX acts like the quarterback of a football team. It manages your VoIP phones , call control and connection to voice services.
  • Your Internet connection is utilized by your VoIP service provider to send and receive your VoIP calls. Your VoIP PBX has a special PCI card
    that allows you to also be connected to the PSTN for local calls and fail-over.
  • VoIP phones are all that most will ever see of the system. They are the end points that give your users access to voice services.

That's leaves us with you. You have the most important role since you're the one responsible for making the VoIP phone system implementation happen.

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