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SIP for Apple

December 15, 2011
Using today’s technology for communication has now gone beyond email and instant messaging. Total integration – for both the office and the home – is ... READ MORE

Switchvox Studies Showcase Savings

December 5, 2011
Switchvox is Digium's family of VoIP (Voice Over IP) Phone Systems for small and medium businesses.  If your small operation is looking for examples that mirror ... READ MORE

How to Use SIP Softphones & Open Source SIP

December 1, 2011
Understanding the difference between a hardphone and softphone is as simple as using one of each – but many people have not had the pleasure ... READ MORE

Grandstream Firmware Version

August 2, 2011
It's official.  Grandstream Firmware Version has been released to address remaining issues observed in previous releases for the following Grandstream IP Phones: Grandstream GXP1400 Grandstream GXP1405 Grandstream GXP1450 Grandstream GXP2100 Grandstream GXP2110 Grandstream GXP2120 Downloads Grandstream HD ... READ MORE

Grandstream GXV3175 Firmware Upgrade

August 1, 2011
Grandstream Networks has just released a major firmware upgrade for the award-winning Grandstream GXV3175 multimedia desktop IP phone with 7" touch screen. Version 1.03.22 Version is a major ... READ MORE

Cut Throat Customer Service Solutions from 3CX

July 29, 2011
3CX, developer of aggressively priced proprietary PBX replacements, is now offereing the 3CX Call Center Edition for professional call center installations. Real-Time Reporting & Queue Statistics The 3CX Call ... READ MORE

T-Mobile Relaunching Facebook VoIP

May 23, 2011
In April it was announced that a new app from T-Mobile called Bobsled would allow users to make free VoIP calls through Facebook. Turns out that ... READ MORE

Polycom Releases New SIP 3.1.2 Firmware for SoundPoint IP Phones

April 7, 2009
Polycom has just released new SIP firmware version 3.1.2, and it can be found here. This release is identical to the SIP 3.1.2 release ... READ MORE

FreeSwitch and SipXecs and Second Generation IP PBX

July 31, 2008
There's a new generation and it won't be denied. I have previously blogged on the exciting new FreeSwitch 1.0 release. I predicted it wouldn't be ... READ MORE

Unleash your Polycom Soundpoint IP Phone… Introducing the Polycom Productivity Suite Package

May 2, 2008
On April 2, Polycom introduced the release of its Productivity Suite application to run on SIP firmware version 3.0.0 and bootrom 4.0.1 on Polycom Soundpoint ... READ MORE
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