Category Archives: VoIP Systems Site Gets Extreme Makeover

December 30, 2008
FreePBX, the popular open source GUI for Asterisk, solidified a long term partnership with back in November....with acquiring, amongst other things, the FreePBX ... READ MORE

First Look: PhoneBochs Mini IP PBX Appliance

November 19, 2008
Duluth, MN based PhoneBochs has released a new, small footprint IP PBX appliance called the PhoneBochs Mini. The PhoneBochs Mini is built off the new, energy ... READ MORE

7 Answers You Need Before Buying a Phone System

September 26, 2008
Getting the right phone system for your business shouldn't be difficult. After all, most of you who are reading this probably have better things to ... READ MORE

Jazinga SOHO Phone System Hits The VoIP Supply Shelves

September 25, 2008
On Wednesday, our neighbors to the north, Jazinga, formerly released their new VoIP Phone System for the SOHO market. Now, I know you are probably ... READ MORE

The Do’s and Dont’s of IVR Apps

August 4, 2008
It is often not until something is pointed out to me that I notice it in abundance. Take, for example, a particular "tag" or signature ... READ MORE

FreeSwitch and SipXecs and Second Generation IP PBX

July 31, 2008
There's a new generation and it won't be denied. I have previously blogged on the exciting new FreeSwitch 1.0 release. I predicted it wouldn't be ... READ MORE

First Look: Elastix IP PBX Appliance

May 27, 2008
Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Jose Landivar, co-founder of PaloSanto Solutions, an OSS pioneer in Latin America, with locations in Ecuador, ... READ MORE

Choosing a host server for Asterisk Open Source PBX

May 14, 2008
The right server for your Asterisk Open Source PBX One of the primary considerations when deploying an open source PBX based upon Asterisk, trixbox, Elastix and ... READ MORE

Trixbox (CE, SE, CCE, EE)…What is Best For You?

May 7, 2008
In the realm of IP phone systems there are many flavors to choose from. You have the small petite servers for a few users, such ... READ MORE

AastraLink Pro 160 VoIP PBX Review

April 18, 2008
Aastra Telecom's first SIP-based IP PBX Aastra Telecom has announced that it will be releasing its first SIP-based IP PBX in early May; the AastraLink Pro ... READ MORE