How to Lock and Unlock The Fanvil Phone Keyboard

November 11, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Locking your Fanvil IP phone keyboard can be handy when you want to avoid hitting the wrong keys during an important call. Today we will take Fanvil’s X4U IP Phone as an example and show you how to lock and unlock the Fanvil keyboard easily. 

How to Lock and Unlock the Fanvil X4U IP Phone Keyboard

To lock your Fanvil X4U IP phone:

  • First long-press the “#” key for 3 seconds
  • You will see the message “Your keyboard is locked” displayed on your phone screen

To unlock your Fanvil X4U IP phone:

  • Repeat the same action: long-press the “#” key for 3 seconds
  • Now the phone will ask you to put in a password
  • The default password for this is “123”. Note that this password can be configured and altered.
  • Once you entered the password, press “OK”
  • Now you will see a message “Unlocked” on your screen

How to Configure Fanvil Phone Keyboard Lock Settings

Note that the keyboard lock feature is available on the older Fanvil models by pressing the “#” key. It is also available on Fanvil’s latest phones, the XU Series, X7 series, X210. However, the keyboard lock feature is not enabled by default on the new models, users will have to do the following:

  • Go into the Fanvil phone GUI
  • Go to phone settings
  • Advance Tab 
  • Adjust Keyboard lock settings, from where you will have the option to set your own password

There you have it! Have you successfully locked and/or unlocked your Fanvil phone? 

Visit our website or see Fanvil’s user manual here to learn more: ttps://

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