Q&A: What Are The Default Usernames and Passwords for Sangoma’s IP Phones?

August 17, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

Sangoma’s IP phones come with default usernames and passwords. Once your phones are provisioned by Endpoint Manager or Switchvox, the default passwords for the devices will be replaced. 

Here is a list of the default credentials for Sangoma’s IP phones:

The Default Credentials for the P310, P315, D-Series, and A-Series IP Phones

The D-Series includes the D40, D45, D50, D60, D62, D65, D70, and D80. 

The A-Series includes the A20, A22, A25, and A30.

  • The default username is ‘admin’
  • The default password is ‘789’

The Default Credentials for the S-Series

The S-Series includes the S205, S206, S300, S305, S400, S405, S406, S500, S505, S700, and S705.

  • The default username is ‘admin’
  • The default password is ‘admin’
  • The default password assigned by Endpoint Manager (EPM) is ‘222222’

Visit our website for more information on Sangoma’s IP phones.

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