Telephony Depot Closing Its Doors

August 6, 2019 by Mary Cheney

Today we have learned that Telephony Depot is closing its doors due to rising costs and having to compete directly with Amazon.

We want to encourage resellers out there to really look at who they are buying from because remember, it’s the end-user that ends up suffering when businesses go under. We as a community need to support each other to combat the gray market to help maintain strong margins and provide the best customer experience possible.

If you were working with Telephony Depot and are looking for a new distributor, VoIP Supply would love the opportunity to win your business!

We’re more than just a website

VoIP Supply offers more than just hardware, we provide some of the best customer support in the industry. In addition, we have our provisioning and fulfillment services and most recently our rental program. As a reseller you can also take advantage of our CloudSpan Market Place and become an agent for some of the top service provider.

We really do it all

In short, we stand by our tagline – everything you need for VoIP!

Sign up to be a VoIP Supply Reseller Today!

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