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EdgeWater EdgeMarc 4500 Series Upgrades (Discontinued)

The EdgeWater EdgeMarc 4500 Series Upgrades have been made end of life by the manufacturer. VoIP Supply suggests the Edgewater EdgeMarc 4550 Series ESBC as a replacement. For more information or if you have questions, please call 800.398.8647.
Solution Overview

EdgeWater EdgeMarc 4500 Series Upgrades (Discontinued)

Edgewater’s EdgeMarc 4500 Series (EdgeMarc 4500, 4500T4, 4508T4, 4508T4W, 4562T4W, 4570, 4571, 4571W, 4572W) combines multiple voice and data features into a single services gateway. Models can have up to 4 T1 WAN interfaces, or just a single Ethernet WAN. They are designed for SOHO and small to medium enterprise deployment, and you can choose from models that support 2 to 30 concurrent WAN VoIP calls. With a variety of different models that offer a myriad of features, you can choose the absolute best solution to fit your needs.

The EdgeMarc 4500 gateway is suited to grow with your business. You can add T1 Port functionality or add concurrent WAN Calls as your business grows with an upgrade license key. This means no deliverable, no shipping, no long wait periods.

EdgeMarc 4500 WAN Call Upgrades

Add additional simultaneous WAN Calls to your EdgeMarc 4500 gateway

EdgeMarc 4570/4571/4571W/4572W Upgrades

The Edgemarc 4570 can be upgraded from 8 to 15 WAN calls or from 15 to 30 WAN calls. The Edgemarc 4571, 4571W, and 4572W appliances can be upgraded from single T1 to a dual T1 or from a dual T1 to a quad T1. The simultaneous WAN calls can also be upgraded from 15 to 30.

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