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GeoVision GV-1240-8 DVR Card with DVI Input

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GeoVision GV-1240-8 DVR Card with DVI Input

Each camera attached to your GeoVision GV-1240 card can have its own unique configuration settings for camera name, video recording quality, motion detection, alarm notifications, continuous recording, motion sensitivity, masked areas, MPEG4 or wavelet compression, frames per second, and picture settings (brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation).

  • DVI Input Type
  • 8 security camera inputs
  • 8 audio inputs
  • 240 frames per second recording
  • Live internet monitoring

Note: GV-800 is currently not compatible with VIA series and ATI series chipset motherboards.

GeoVision GV-1120 Features

Selectable Live Video Display

GeoVision's live video display gives you the option to display a single camera on your monitor, a full screen format of a single camera's view, or a selectable multi camera view that you can configure. You can switch between these modes of viewing with a simple click of your computer's mouse.

Motion Detection

GeoVision cards enable you to configure cameras to record only when motion is detected in areas predetermined by you. You can select "masked areas" of view which you determine that it is OK for motion to occur in. If motion is detected outside one of the masked areas that you have defined, recording will begin. The surveillance recording will be time and date stamped in a log file, which can be stored locally or remotely on your network. GeoVision's motion detection software is one of the best in the industry.

Configurable Masking

You can define areas inside of each camera's view where motion should be ignored (masked), and not trigger a recording event.

Smart Recording

Smart enables the full available recording speed to be allocated only to cameras that are recording at any particular time.

GeoVision Digital Watermarking

Digital Watermark is a pattern of bits inserted into the recorded video file that identifies the file's copyright and proprietary information. GeoVision's digital watermark cannot be tampered with which ensures that exported surveillance video from your system is authentic and has not been tampered with. This is especially important when submitting surveillance video as court evidence.

Synchronous Recording and Playback

GeoVision systems support the ability to view recorded video while the system is still monitoring and recording new video.

Flexible Viewing Options

The log files of surveillance video clips can be accessed and sorted by date and time to easily allow you to find what you are looking for. While viewing recorded video, you can zoom in/out and move around the viewing area. The speed at which you view recordings can be slowed or sped up. You can also view video frame by frame if you need to carefully analyze a portion of video. Recordings can be played back by individual camera or all cameras at the same time. You can switch from a multi-camera playback view to a single-camera playback by clicking on a particular camera window.

Advanced editing and export options

GeoVision software supports editing features for image sharpening, exporting, adjusting brightness, contrast and printing. Surveillance video can be exported as .avi files, which is playable in the Microsoft Media Player and many other common windows based programs. Individual frames from videos can be exported in many still image formats such as JPEG (.jpg). You may choose to have the date, time, and camera name stamped on the video in your choice of color.

Audio Recording

GeoVision cards support recording audio (cameras with microphones or external microphones are required). Audio can be recorded and played back in sync with recorded video.

  • 1 audio channel support for GV-600 series cards.
  • 2 audio channel support for GV-650 series cards.
  • 4 audio channel support for GV-800 series cards.
  • 8 and 16 audio channel support available for GV-1120 series cards.
  • 8 and 16 audio channel support available for GV-1240 series cards.
  • 8 and 16 audio channel support available for GV-1240 series cards.
  • 16 audio channel support available for GV-1480 series cards.

Alarm Notification

Alarm notifications can be sent to a remote telephone, cell phone, pager, or another computer.


You can zoom each security camera that is attached to your GeoVision system in or out with the click of your computer mouse.

Flexible Disk Storage

Video recording can be configured to write to single or multiple hard drives. As available disk space runs out, GeoVision will overwrite the video clips with the earliest dates.

GeoVision GV-1240 Technical Specifications

  • Input Type: BNC or D-Type
  • Video Inputs: 4, 8, 12, 16
  • Total Recording Rate

Camera Type

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