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Grandstream HT486 (Discontinued)

The Grandstream HT486 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. VoIP Supply recommends the Grandstream HT502.
The HandyTone 486 is a next generation Internet data, voice, fax and PSTN 'all-in-one' integrated access device based on SIP standard. The HT-486 features a high-level of integration including an integrated router, NAT, DHCP server, 1 port FXS telephone gateway, and a PSTN pass through line for toggling operations between SIP and PSTN networks. Read More
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Grandstream HandyTone 486 2FXS Analog VoIP Adapter

Grandstream HandyTone 486 is an 'All-In-1' VoIP IAD based on the SIP standard. Built upon Grandstream's innovative technology, the HT-486 features superb sound quality, rich functions, high degree of integration, ease of use, compact size, and ultra-affordability.

Grandstream HT-486 Features

  • Dual RJ45 (LAN & WAN)
  • Single RJ11 - FXS
  • PSTN Pass-through
  • Built in DHCP, NAT & Router

  • Support SIP2.0; TCP/UDP/IP ; RTP/RTCP; HTTP; ICMP ; ARP/RARP; DNS; DHCP (both client and server); NTP; PPPoE; TFTP, etc.
  • Built-in router, NAT and Gateway
  • Powerful digital signal processing (DSP) to ensure superb audio quality; advanced adaptive jitter control and packet loss concealment technology
  • Ultra compact (wallet size) and lightweight design, great companion for travelers
  • Support various vocoders including G.711 A-/U-law; G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.728, G.726, iLBC.
  • Support Caller ID/Name display or block, Hold, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Call Forward, Auto Answer (Intercom), Flash
  • Support customizable ringtone and fax pass through
  • Support silence suppression and VAD ; AGC; and echo cancellation (G.168)
  • Support standard encryption and authentication (DIGEST using MD5 and MD5-sess)
  • Support layer-2 (802.1Q VLAN, 802.1p) and layer-3 (DiffServ, ToS) QoS
  • Support automated NAT traversal without manual manipulation of firewall/NAT
  • Support remote automated provisioning and software upgrade even through firewall/NAT to enable "zero configuration" and "plug-and-dial" for end users
  • Support device configuration via built-in IVR, Web browser or central configuration file

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Handytone 486
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Auto Provisioning, HTTP, TFTP, Voice IVR, Web GUI
Grandstream HT486  (Discontinued)

Don Stefanie

Direct: 716-213-6906

Why Pay $39.95 for the Grandstream HT486 (Discontinued)?

  • All-In-1 VoIP IAD

  • Full Feature Voice/Fax-over-IP

  • Highly affordable and effective IP solution

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Customer Reviews

(Submitted on ) | by

Nice for second line
I concur with Chih-Lin Ko's review (though I haven't tried using it with Google Voice): A solid, economical product that would be more useful if the analog FXO could be passed through by default, so that 911 and local 7-digit dialing always works. I would have liked being able to download/upload SIP settings, or store multiple SIP settings selectable by dialing *-something-something.

By default, the web interface is accessible only from the LAN pass-through, from whence you can make it visible to the whole network. You *might* be able to use this with web-authenticated internet (as in a hotel, for example) by connecting your laptop through the LAN pass-through. It is certainly small enough to pack in a travel bag.

I tacked it to the wall of my basement and use it for a second/FAX line and it works like an ace with a couple different SIP/VIOP providers (not Skype of course).

(Submitted on ) | by

Simple and works well.
Setup took me a few minutes to figure out with my Gizmo5 account, but otherwise was a breeze. Works great all the time, call quality is very good, I'm quite happy with it. The box does emit a _very_ high pitched noise when it's powered on, but probably not even audible to anyone over 30 or so.

(Submitted on ) | by

Best value, small form factor
This is the best and budget SIP box we can get in the market. Setup is easy if you read the instruction carefully on the Interactive Voice Response or IVR and http programming. The http programming is default turned off, you need to enable it in the IVR. I use this box for Gizmo and it works like a charm. Combine Gizmo with Google Voice, you got free domestic US call for both inbound and outbound (outbound need to use GV webpage to arrange the call to get unlimited minutes). I also own it's predecessor HT-386 for 4 years (also bought here), no problem at all. The only compliant is this box is default to SIP, secondary to PSTN. It will be nice if it has an option to have PSTN as default and SIP as secondary, then I can use them more efficiently. A simple example is if you have SIP as default, people will have hard time reach 911 or emergency call without knowing you have to press "*00" first. If it can be programmed to use PSTN first and SIP secondary, then this problem will be solved, not to mention the complication of the 911 dialing plan programming, which this box also lack of.

(Submitted on ) | by

Works Great
Easy to setup. Does what I expected and more.

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