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Grandstream GXP285 (Discontinued)

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The Grandstream GXP285 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The suggested replacement is the Grandstream GXP1405. For more information or if you have questions, please call 800.398.8647.
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Grandstream GXP285 1-Line PoE SIP Phone

The Grandstream GXP285 is a 1-line SIP phone with a 128x32 graphical LCD display that is perfect for the SOHO or residential user. The GXP285 features dual PoE enabled 10/100 network ports allowing users to connect their IP phone and PC with only 1 network port. The GXP285 has 7 dedicated function keys and 3 context sensitive soft keys allowing it adapt to any purpose. Most importantly, the GXP285 features HD Wideband audio G.722 codec support and a full duplex speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation for the very best in sound quality.

Grandstream GXP285 VoIP Phone Product Overview

The Grandstream GXP285 is a single line SIP telephone with dual 10/100M Ethernet ports and integrated Power-over-Ethernet (802.3af PoE), 128x32 graphical LCD with support for multiple languages, full duplex speakerphone with acoustic echo cancellation, up to 2 line appearances allowing 2 simultaneous calls, 3 XML programmable soft keys, and headset jack.

The GXP285 delivers superior audio quality with its HD handset and speakerphone, supports a number of advanced telephony features including hold, mute, transfer, forward, 3-way conference, XML customization of LCD screen, off-hook auto dial, auto answer, click-to-dial, downloadable ringtones, server redundancy and fail-over support, as well as security protection (SRTP and AES encryption of configuration file).

Grandstream GXP285 Features and Functions

  • 1 SIP line
  • HD Voice in handset and speakerphone
  • Dual 10/100 PoE ports
  • 128x32 graphical LCD with multi language support
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • 2 line appearances
  • 3 context sensitive soft keys
  • XML support
  • Headset jack
  • Broad IP PBX interoperability
  • Advanced telephony features: mute, hold, transfer, forward, 3-way conference, auto-dial, auto-answer, click-to-dial, downloadable ringtones

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Grandstream GXP285

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Why Pay $60.00 for the Grandstream GXP285 (Discontinued)?

  • 128 x 32 pixel graphical LCD with support for multiple languages

  • 3 XML programmable context sensitive soft keys, 3 way conference

  • Dual switched auto sensing 10/100 Mbps network ports

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Questions on Grandstream GXP285 (Discontinued)

From Victoria at 7/21/2015 8:00 PM

Q: Hello.
We have an IP-phone Grandstream gxp285. Is it possible to split different vlan's traffic for the Phone port and PC port? For example: the pfone is in the vlan1, but PC is in the vlan2 and mustn't receive any vlan1 tagged traffic.
Thank you.

A: Hi Victoria,

The GXP285 does support 802.1Q VLAN tagging, so yes it is possible, and it's pretty common. The native VLAN should be untagged, and your voice VLAN should be tagged on the port the phone is connected to. This is a generalized configuration as yours may be different depending on your specific setup.

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From Paolo at 9/6/2015 8:00 PM

Q: Hello,
we have a lot of gxp285 phones logged in our PBX system, we have a problem:sometimes the phone result busy (it's free).
Is possible upgrade the software (Boot is running now) ? thanks

A: Grandstream firmware can be downloaded from their site, and you can upgrade phones through the web interface.

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