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Linksys SPA3102 (Discontinued)

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The Linksys SPA3102 has been made end of life by the manufacturer. The direct replacement is the Cisco SPA122. For more information or if you have questions, please call 800.398.8647.
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Linksys SPA3102 Single Port Router with 1 FXS Port and 1 FXO Port

The Linksys SPA3102 supports one RJ-11 POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) FXS port to connect an existing analog phone or fax machine. The Linksys SPA3102 also supports one PSTN FXO port to connect to a Telco or PBX circuit.

The Linksys SPA3102 includes 2 100BaseT RJ-45 Ethernet interfaces to connect to a home or office LAN, as well as an Ethernet connection to a broadband modem or router. The Linksys SPA3102 FXS and FXO lines can be independently configured via software controlled by the VoIP service provider or the end user.

Linksys SPA3102 VoIP Adapter Overview

A Linksys SPA3012 can be Installed by the end user and remotely provisioned, configured and maintained by the service provider. Each Linksys SPA3102 converts voice traffic into data packets for transmission over an IP network. Compact in design, the Linksys SPA3102 can be used in consumer and business VoIP service offerings including a full-featured IP Centrex environment. The SPA3102 uses international standards for voice and data networking for reliable voice and fax operation.

Linksys SPA3102 Features and Functions

  • Toll Quality Voice and Carrier-Grade Feature Support
  • Large-Scale Deployment and Management
  • Ironclad Security

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SPA3102 NA
# of FXS Ports
# of FXO Ports
# of Ethernet Ports
Built-In Router
DHCP Capabilities
Protocols Supported
Provisioning Options
Auto Provisioning, HTTP, TFTP, Voice IVR, Web GUI
Linksys SPA3102  (Discontinued)

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Why Pay $69.99 for the Linksys SPA3102 (Discontinued)?

  • Toll Quality Voice and Carrier-Grade Feature Support

  • Large-Scale Deployment and Management

  • Ironclad Security

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Questions on Linksys SPA3102 (Discontinued)

From hernan rodriguez at 3/28/2013 8:00 PM

Q: where can i find a user guide for linksys spa31023
thank you

A: Since the SPA3102 is EOL, it is tough to find.

Here is the quick start guide for the SPA3102:

Here is a full User Guide for the PAP2T which is very similar to the SPA3102 and you may find it helpful:

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From Gernet, Francis at 8/7/2015 8:00 PM

Q: SPA3102 is remplaced by SPA122. But SPA3102 have 1 FXO and 1 FXS, and SPA122 have 2 FXS and no FXO. Is it possible to connect SPA122 to an old POTS line ?

A: If you will need an FXO and FXS port I would suggest checking out the Grandstream HT503.

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