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  1. Advanced Network Devices IPCSS-RWB-IC - Small IP Clock

    SKU: 02-115597

    The Advanced Network Devices IPCSS-RWB-IC is a small form factor PoE synchronized clock with configurable strobe flashers and intercom that requires only an RJ-45 connector to connect to existing data networks. Using an existing IP Paging and notification system, the clock auto synchronizes and can be used as a scrolling text display. It includes a standard built in microphone that allows two-way voice communication and red, white, and blue flashers to notify onlookers in case of emergency. The IPCSS-RWB-IC is compatible with Singlewire and Informacast.
  2. Advanced Network Devices IPCSL-W-RWB-IC

    SKU: 02-116864

    The IPCSL-W-RWB-IC is a Multicast/SIP large IP Clock with bright white display and flashers is capable of audio, clock, scrolling text, flashers, auto dimming, microphone, and a timer/stopwatch.
  3. Advanced Network Devices IPCSL-RWB-IC Large IP Clock

    SKU: 02-116015

    The Advanced Network Devices IPCSL-RWB-IC is a large digital PoE synchronized clock with strobe flashers and two-way intercom with integrated 8in speaker that requires only an RJ-45 connector to connect to existing data networks to be used as an IP Paging endpoint. This model is compatible with Informacast/Singlewire
  4. Advanced Network Devices IPCDS-RWB-IC Double Sided IP Clock (InformaCast)

    SKU: 02-116868

    IPCDS-RWB-IC is a double sided IP clock with wall mount and flashers. It's capable of audio, red/white/blue flashers, clock, timer/stopwatch, scrolling text, microphone, and auto-dimming.It's compatible with all major IP based software and several PBX system.
  5. Advanced Network Devices IPSIGNL-RWB-IC

    SKU: 02-115495

    The IPSIGNL-RWB-IC is an IP speaker, IP clock, and digital signboard designed for use with Informacast, which allows you to mass communicate using your existing IP Phone system and included web server software. It includes red, white, and blue flashing lights to alert onlookers in the event of an emergency.
  6. Advanced Network Devices AND-STROBE-KIT-1

    SKU: 02-116871

    The AND Strobe kit can be utilized as an additional mode of emergency notification. The strobe kit enables a strobe to be controlled by an AND endpoint. Simply attach the peripheral adapter board to your device, then wire the strobe to the peripheral board and manage through your software. This kit can be used with most AND devices.

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  7. Advanced Network Devices ZONEC2-IC

    SKU: 02-116866

    The AnetD ZoneC2-IC Zone Controller can connect existing analog amplifiers to your data network, creating a hybrid system so both phones and speakers can receive the broadcast.

Items 21 to 27 of 27 total

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