Sangoma (Digium) Digital Cards

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About Sangoma (Digium) Digital PCI Cards

Sangoma (Digium®) Digital Cards are high-performance, cost-effective, digital telephony VoIP PBX hardware interfaces to interconnect traditional telephony systems with emerging Voice-over IP (VoIP) technologies.

Any number of telephony configurations are possible when you combine Digium hardware and Asterisk® software. But the Digium TE cards are also designed to be fully compatible with existing software applications and the open-source drivers for these cards support an API for custom applications.

Sangoma (Digium) digital cards are offered in one, two, or four-port interface capabilities covering the range from small to larger installations.

Backed by a five (5) year warranty and Digium’s Exceptional Satisfaction Program (ESP) guaranteeing quality and reliability, this high-quality digital card solution inspires confidence.

Why buy Sangoma (Digium) Digital Cards?

  • RoHS compliant, ISO 9001:2001 certified, MTBF > than 1 million hours, 5-year warranty, Digium ESP
  • Fully integrated with Digium’s Asterisk® software & open-source drivers support an API for custom applications
  • Selectable E1 & T1 environments on a per-card or per-port basis allowing signaling translation between E1 and T1 equipment, and inexpensive T1 channel banks to connect with E1 circuits
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