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About Mobotix Outdoor IP Cameras

Mobotix’s Outdoor IP Cameras are made from a fiberglass-reinforced plastic that’s normally used to manufacture hard-wearing exterior car components. Resistant to weather, impact, and difficult to vandalize, the camera’s housing also employs a shatter-proof polycarbonate dome.

Impervious to sea water and salty air, Mobotix Outdoor IP Cameras are deployed in arctic and desert extremes with an operating temperature range of -22° F (-30° C) to over 140° F (60° C). And with a low power consumption, temperatures inside a Mobotix camera remain temperate resulting in a longer life span.

Mobotix also offers vandal proof models with a steel housing that resists the harshest attacks and is even handgun bullet proof.

Why buy Mobotix Outdoor IP Cameras?

  • No additional heat sources required for well-insulated IP54, IP65, and IP66 rated weather-proof casings.
  • Operate in wide temperature range: -22° F (-30° C) to over 140° F (60° C).
  • Vandal proof models are handgun bullet proof.
Mobotix IP Cameras

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  1. Mobotix S74 High End IP Camera

    SKU: 02-130243

    The Mobotix S74 High End IP Camera is an advanced security camera that offers the flexibility no other camera has offered before. The S74 camera allows users to connect up to (4) modules of their liking to the camera base providing an array of possibilities for camera angles, audio and night and day options. Two separate areas can be surveilled with only one camera.

    From: $1,000.00

    To: $82,725.00

  2. Mobotix S16B Dual Thermal Camera with Radiometry

    SKU: 02-128428

    The Mobotix S16 Thermal Camera with Radiometry features high-end technology that can be used to measure specific temperature changes and set automatic responses to temperature-specific events.

    From: $1,113.00

    To: $10,626.10

  3. Mobotix M16B Thermal Camera with Radiometry

    SKU: 02-128424

    The Mobotix M16B Thermal Camera with Thermal Radiometry is an advanced computer system that can automatically trigger events based on thermal radiation measurements.

    From: $5,914.00

    To: $6,178.10

  4. Mobotix M73 High-End IP Camera

    SKU: 02-127646

    The Mobotix M73 High-End IP Camera is Mobotix's most advances and robust camera yet. It is Mobotix's first IoT video system with three modules offering the traditional Mobotix features you've come to know and love, with the added flexibility of an extra module for a lens of your choosing.

    From: $1,516.00

    To: $5,854.00

  5. Mobotix T26 IP Door Station and Access Control

    SKU: 02-126645

    Hemispheric IP door station camera with 6 Megapixel Moonlight Sensor
  6. Mobotix M26B Outdoor Allround Camera with 180° x 180° day lens

    SKU: 02-126321

    All-purpose camera for mounting on ceilings, walls and poles also easily meets the demanding requirements of protection classes IP66 and IK10. The M26B-6D016 features the latest 6MP technology and a 180 degree hemispheric lens.
  7. Mobotix Mx-D26B Dome Outdoor IP Camera

    SKU: 02-126130

    The Mobotix D26 Dome Camera is a compact, yet intelligent IP video system with a lens that can be manually adjusted. WIth weatherproof technology, this shock resistant camera can withstand outdoor conditions.

    From: $929.00

    To: $3,011.40

  8. Mobotix Q26 Hemispheric Allround Outdoor IP Camera

    SKU: 02-126121

    The Mobotix Q26 is a Hemispheric Allround Outdoor IP Camera that is weatherproof, compact and elegant. This powerful camera uses a Mobotix B016 lens for a 360° coverage. It features a widescreen panorama function and intelligent video analysis making it the perfect surveillance solution for a multitude of scenarios.

    From: $928.00

    To: $3,500.10

  9. Mobotix M26 Allround Outdoor IP Camera

    SKU: 02-126110

    The Mobotix M26 Allround Outdoor IP Camera is the camera for any application. This robust and solid surveillance system meets high standards with IP66 and IK10 certifications. The M26 features 6MP technology with a wide range of lens options and can be used in a broad range of applications.

    From: $846.00

    To: $2,596.00

  10. Mobotix S16B Dual Thermal Image System Camera

    SKU: 02-126094

    The Mobotix S16 DualFlex Flush-Mount Dual-Lens Camera is the S16 housing paired with 1 or 2 weatherproof thermal sensor modules. The S16 is a powerful security system that can be installed to capture footage in two separate areas thanks to its two long sensor cables. One camera can be used to capture both indoor and outdoor spaces. The S16B can be used with two 360° angles making it a double hemispheric camera that offers the same coverage as eight conventional cameras. That's a strong feature to beat!

    From: $4,593.00

    To: $25,007.00


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