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Obihai Adapters

About Obihai Adapters

Obihai Adapters allow users to use their existing analog phone or fax machine to make calls via the Internet. 

Featuring an easy setup process, Obihai Adapters also provides many user-friendly features with a SIP service provider such as message waiting indication (MWI), speed dial, three-way conferencing, caller ID name and number, and more. 

With your choice, the zero touch customization (ZT) with the lowest cost and fastest deployment is available with a very low minimum order quantity. The USB port that supports the OBiWiFi or OBiBT allows users to use Obihai Adapters anywhere within the range or you can connect to an additional storage device to access stored files remotely via the Internet. 

Why buy Obihai Adapters?

  • Work with most SIP-based Internet Service Providers (ISP) or Google Voice as your VoIP service
  • Feature-rich solutions include call waiting/ forwarding, speed dial, three-way conferencing, and more. 
  • Zero-touch customization (ZT)
Obihai VoIP Adapters
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