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Accessories and handsets for Spectralink 7700 series phones

7700 Series Handsets/Accs

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7700 Series Handsets/Accs

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    Spectralink 7110 DECT handset 1G9 for Healthcare and Nursing Homes (formerly known as Polycom KIRK 7010)
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    Spectralink KIRK 7740 1G9 DECT Handset. Bacteria-resistant design with man-down alarms. (formerly Polycom KIRK 7040)
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    This bundle sku consists of the Polycom 84642493 charger for the KIRK 70xx handset and Polycom 84642483 North American Power supply for the KIRK charger.
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    The SpectraLink Single Stand 77-Series Charger with USB Port (formerly Polycom 84642494) is a charger that connects to your PC or laptop via USB, allowing you to recharge your 77-Series (formerly KIRK 7010/7020/7040) Phone anywhere there is a USB port.
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    For both 77-Series and 76-Series handsets
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    Charger for SpectraLink 77-Series Handsets (formerly Polycom KIRK 7010, 7020, and 7040 handsets). DOES NOT INCLUDE POWER SUPPLY. 84642493
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    SpectraLink Power supply for 75-, 76- and 77- Series 84642601

8 Item(s)