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Mobotix MX-T25-SET2 for two-wire connection w/ tamper-proof electrical door opening (White) (Discontinued)

The Mobotix MX-T25-SET2 for two-wire connection w/ tamper-proof electrical door opening has been discontinued by the manufacturer. There are no comparable replacements at this time please call 800-398-8647 or chat with an expert for a recommendation.

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Mobotix MX-T25-SET2 for two-wire connection w/ tamper-proof electrical door opening

Mobotix T25-SET2 provides you with all the necessary components that you need in order to have a modern and powerful IP Video Door Station solution. This kit is designed for a two-wire connection and comes with a tamper-proof electrical door opening. 

Mobotix MX-T25-SET2 Overview 

With IP65-rated weatherproof casing, the T25 can stand up to dust and rain, but also has a sleek enough look to fit into any interior decor.

The benefits of a MOBOTIX Video Door Station are numerous. As the technology is IP-based, the T25 and all it's components can be powered over Ethernet, control entry with the Security Door Opener and access with the Access Module. 6 Megapixels display an allround view with no blind spots from wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling, and digital PTZ.

Integrated message function from the Door Station opens several opportunities to inform all visitors of out-of-office, record personal messages for authenticated visitors you are expecting (those with specific pins or cards will hear the message upon identifying themselves), and the ability to let visitors record their own messages at the door. Secure the premises and never get locked out again with the Access Module KeypadRFID and DoorMaster, which contains all PINs, transponder access data, and access times for opening the door, and as no relevant access is stored outdoors, the Door Station is exceptionally well-protected against theft and manipulation (short circuiting).

Always know what is going on at home with the free multifunctional MOBOTIX App. With it you can check your surveillance system remotely, be alerted when someone rings the doorbell, and receive alarm notifications immediately along with live footage if your security system is triggered. Since the Door Station is entirely Ethernet based, IP Telephony allows you to speak in real time to someone at the door, and from the MOBOTIX App you can let them into the premises remotely.

Mobotix MX-T25-SET2 Includes:

  • T25 camera module
  • Keypad incl. 1 admin and 6 user badges
  • Info Module Mx2wire+ with indoor unit
  • Triple frame with theft protection
  • MX-DoorMaster with different frames
  • All Frames for in-wall or on-wall installation
  • USB stick, pen for plastic film
  • Various mounting material