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About IP Horns

A decent IP horn is a must-buy when it comes to communicating in loud or outdoor areas. It helps you reduce incidents, increase security, and save time/money.

Select from our wide variety of IP horns that provide weather resistant construction, UV resistant materials, and highly efficient compression driver. Convenient designs include the PoE-enabled choice that gives you an ease of mind when you need it somewhere without a power outlet, the long line extender that allows cabling up to 1200 feet, wall volume controls and much more!

Choose from industry leading manufacturers Advanced Network Devices (AND), CyberData, and Valcom to build your perfect solutions!



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  1. Valcom VIP-130AL-M-SA IP Horn White

    SKU: 02-127778

    The Valcom VIP-130AL-M-SA IP Horn is perfect for harsh environments such as shipboards and marinas.
  2. Valcom VIP-130AL-BGE-SA IP Horn Beige

    SKU: 02-127779

    The Valcom VIP-130AL-GY-SA IP horn is ideally suited for harsh environments like shipboards and marinas.
  3. Valcom VIP-480AL-W

    SKU: 02-112203

    Valcom IP FlexHorn, White
  4. Valcom VIP-148AL-BGE

    SKU: 02-112184

    IP Talkback Horn with 2-way audio - beige
  5. Valcom V-1030C High-Efficiency Horn

    SKU: 02-108550

    The Valcom V-1030C High-Efficiency Horn is perfect for industrial plants, warehouses, parking lots, stadiums, schools, transportation terminals, parks and recreational areas.
  6. Valcom V-1030C High-Efficiency Horn (Gray)

    SKU: 02-110952

    The Valcom V-1030C-GY 5-watt horn (Gray) is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  7. Valcom V-1080-Gray

    SKU: 02-110795

    Valcom V-1080-Gray V-1080-GY
  8. Bogen iH8A

    SKU: 02-111395

    Bogen iH8A
  9. Valcom VIP-130AL-BGE

    SKU: 02-110960

    Valcom VIP-130AL IP Paging Horn-beige
  10. Valcom VIP-130AL-GY

    SKU: 02-110959

    Valcom VIP-130AL IP Paging Horn-Gray

Items 11 to 20 of 24 total

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