The 10 Step Refresh Process

Each and every Refresh product goes through a thorough and exhaustive reconditioning process. The following steps are taken to Refresh a product:

Visual Inspection

Upon receipt all products are visually inspected. Only grade “A” products with minimal cosmetic damage are accepted. All other products are rejected. This ensure only the best products go through the Refresh process.

DOA (Dead on Arrival)

Each product that passes the initial visual inspection is then powered on and ran through a basic diagnostic test to ensure it is in perfect working order. Products found to be DOA or have issues are set aside for further testing.



Settings Cleared

If the product is deemed to be in perfect working order it then has all current settings and data cleared via factory reset.

Firmware Upgraded

Based on the age of the product, the product’s firmware will be upgraded to the latest known available version. This ensures all product functionality is available and saves you from having to do this yourself.

Components Replaced

During visual inspection, if it is deemed that any of the components that make up the product need to be replaced, they will be replaced prior to the product being cleaned. Typical components that are replaced include buttons, screens, handsets, cords and stickers/labels.

Product Cleaning

With all testing finished and components replaced, the product is fully cleaned using a variety of methods to remove dust, dirt and other debris. At this time minor scuffs and scratches are also taken care of.

Final Inspection

Once the product has been fully inspected, tested, reconditioned and is fully cleaned, the product will undergo a final inspection in which all aspects of the reconditioning process are spot checked to ensure that each aspect has been addressed assuring product quality.

Product Repackaged

After final inspection the product and it’s accessories are re-packaged in new plastics, baggies and bubble wrap (based on the product). Product manuals, firmware’s and a certificate of Freshness are also included.

Product Re-boxed

Now that all of the components have been repackaged they are placed in a Refresh branded box and labeled for stocking.

Ready for Sale

The final step in the Refresh process is to place the finished Refresh product on the shelves in a separate warehouse to ensure that new and Refreshed equipment do not get mixed.

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