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  1. Cisco SPA525G2 (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-111027

    The Cisco SPA525G2 VoIP phone is a 5 line SIP phone featuring a 3.2in high resolution color display, HD Voice, and built in WiFi connectivity.

    Regular Price: $149.99

    Special Price: $139.99

  2. Digium D40 (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-114818

    The Refreshed Digium D40 is an HDVoice, PoE phone with 2-line keys. The D40 is Digium’s best value phone designed to work for any employee in your company.

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price: $54.99

  3. Cisco CP-7940G (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-107365

    The Cisco CP-7940G is a 2-line IP Phone which supports SIP for Asterisk, MGCP, or SCCP protocol. This model features dual 10/100 ports and Cisco Power over Ethernet support.

    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price: $49.99

  4. Cisco CP-7941G (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-108044

    The Cisco CP-7941G Unified IP Phone is 2 line IP Phone with a large high resolution LCD display and dual switched Ethernet ports with PoE. It is dynamic, and it is designed to grow with system capabilities. The CP-7941G Unified IP Phone is a full-featured enhanced business IP phone that addresses the communication needs of the transaction worker.

    Regular Price: $89.99

    Special Price: $69.99

  5. Cisco CP-7961G (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-107858

    The Cisco CP-7961 6-line IP Phone provides small, medium and enterprise customers with advanced features and solid stability. The CP-7961 includes a large pixel based LCD display, full duplex speakerphone and an internal Cisco Ethernet switch.

    Regular Price: $109.99

    Special Price: $89.99

  6. Cisco CP-7970G (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-108077

    The Cisco CP-7970G is a state-of-the-art IP phone which includes a backlit color high resolution touch screen display. The CP-7970G has access to eight telephone lines and hands-free speakerphone. This Cisco IP phone supports power over ethernet.

    Regular Price: $139.99

    Special Price: $99.99

  7. Cisco CP-7914 (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-108076

    The Cisco CP-7914 VSRF extends the capabilities of these Cisco phones 7960G, 7961G, 7970G and 7971G-GE with additional buttons and an LCD display. With this expansion module, you add 14 buttons to the existing six buttons of the Cisco IP Phones 7960 and 7961G and the existing eight buttons of the Cisco IP Phones 7970G and 7971G-GE, increasing the total number of buttons when you add one or two Cisco 7914 Expansion Modules.

    Regular Price: $84.99

    Special Price: $79.99

  8. Polycom IP 650 AC (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-108080

    The Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 sets a new standard for a high-performance IP phone, esigned to appeal to both executive users who require advanced features and applications, and telephone attendants who need multiple line support and enhanced call handling capabilities

    Regular Price: $119.99

    Special Price: $99.99

  9. Polycom IP 550 AC (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-107458

    The Polycom IP550 AC SoundPoint desktop 4 line SIP phone features Polycom's revolutionary HD Voice technology, which brings life-like richness and clarity to every call.

    Regular Price: $74.99

    Special Price: $59.99

  10. Cisco CP-7961G-GE (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-108210

    The Cisco IP Phone 7961G-GE supports inline Power over Ethernet (PoE) which eases installation and reduces clutter in the workspace. The foot stand is adjustable from flat to 60 degrees to provide optimum display viewing and comfortable use of all buttons and keys. The foot stand is also keyed to match standard wall jack configurations for wall mounting. The Cisco IP Phone 7961G-GE supports Cisco's Call Manager Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP).

    Regular Price: $119.99

    Special Price: $109.99

Items 31 to 40 of 62 total

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