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  1. Refresh Polycom SoundStation Duo (Like New)

    SKU: 02-113090

    The Polycom SoundStation Duo is an IP conference phone for small to medium sized meeting rooms that will work in both an IP or an analog phone setting. REFRESHED

    Regular Price: $349.99

    Special Price: $249.99

  2. Refresh Polycom CX700 (Like New)

    SKU: 02-113338

    The CX700 is an executive IP phone for use with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, including a color touch screen with an embedded Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 client and does not require a computer

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price: $49.99

  3. Refresh Poly VVX D230 IP Phone Handset (Like New)

    SKU: 02-128316

    The Poly VVX D230 IP Phone Handset acts as an extra wireless DECT handset that can be added to the Poly VVX D230 DECT Solution. Up to 10 handsets can be combined with the base station for a total of 8 simultaneous calls.

    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price: $74.99

  4. Refresh Cisco PA100 Power Adapter (Like New)

    SKU: 02-127952

    The Cisco PA100 is a 100-240V AC Power Adapter for the SPA9xx, SPA3xx, SPA5xx, and SPA2102 phones and adapters.
  5. Refresh Polycom Expansion Microphone Kit for RPTrio 8800 & 8500 (Like New)

    SKU: 02-127894

    The Polycom Expansion Microphone Kit allows you to extend the pick up range of your conference phone even more allowing you to accommodate more participants in larger meeting spaces.
  6. Refresh Yealink PS5V2000US Power Supply (Like New)

    SKU: 02-127882

    The Yealink PS5V2000US Power Supply is for use with the Yealink T29G/T32G/T38G/T46G/T48G and T54W/T57W
  7. Refresh Cisco 2911/K9 Integrated Services Router (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-127166

    Cisco 2911 Integrated Services Router Integrated Services Router offers embedded hardware encryption acceleration, voice- and video-capable digital signal processor (DSP) slots, optional firewall, intrusion prevention, call processing, voicemail, and application services. In addition, the platforms support the industries widest range of wired and wireless connectivity options such as T1/E1, T3/E3, xDSL, copper and fiber GE.

    Regular Price: $99.99

    Special Price: $89.99

  8. Polycom SoundPoint IP PWR 24v Power Supply (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-123862

    The Polycom 2215-17569-001 is a 24v power supply which is compatible with the popular Polycom SoundPoint IP320, IP321, IP330, IP331, IP335, IP450, IP550 and IP650 phones.
  9. Refresh Polycom VVX 311 (Like New)

    SKU: 02-123872

    The Polycom VVX 311 is a 6 line HD Voice business media VoIP phone with dual Gigabit RJ45 ports making it ideal for call center operators and cubicle workers. With Gigabit capabilities, easy integration with third-party web-based applications and an intuitive user interface the VVX 311 is a future proof VoIP phone.

    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price: $74.99

  10. Refresh Yealink SIP-T48S Gigabit IP Phone (Like New)

    SKU: 02-126603

    Yealink T48S with Opus support brings the same elegant look and feel of the previous T4 Series models, but with the added bonus of enhanced performance at no added cost. With key upgrades such as Opus support and enhanced speaker performance, the new T4S series are a powerful work tool.

    Regular Price: $179.99

    Special Price: $169.99

Items 41 to 50 of 50 total

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