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Sangoma Vega 100G

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Sangoma Vega 100G T1/E1 Gateway

The Sangoma Vega 100G is a 1 T1/E1 digital gateway that can be used to bridge PSTN to an IP PBX, SIP to a legacy analog PBX, or migrate from a legacy PBX to an IP PBX without installing a Sangoma T1 card into your server.

Sangoma Vega 100G T1/E1 Gateway Overview:

A Sangoma Vega 100G E1/T1 interface can be independently configured as network side or terminal side. The Vega 100G gateway can therefore be connected to a PBX or the PSTN. With this configuration there are is disruption to the configuration of existing equipment as well as flexibility and choice for call routing.

The available Sangoma Resiliency Enablement Suite (SRES) makes the Vega 100G the most resilient gateway in it is class. In the event of a WAN failure, IP phones behind the Vega gateway can continue to call each other, be routed to a backup switch or connected directly to the PSTN. In addition, the use of the Sangoma Network Appliance Provisioning (SNAP) tool makes the Vega 100G the easiest to provision gateway on the market. 

The Vega 100G gateway supports the following signalling schemes:

  • • ETSI, VN4, ISDN 
  • • NI1, NI2, AT&T 5ESS, DMS100
  • • ISO QSIG Basic Call & QSIG feature transparency
  • • Channel Associated Signalling (CAS)
  • • R2 MFC All Vega gateways


The Vega 100G supports SIP, H.323 & T.38 FAX and has proven interoperability with a wide range of existing telecommunications & VoIP equipment.

Sangoma Vega 100G Features and Functions:

  • Fixed Configuration of 30 VoIP Calls
  • Supports dual gigabit Ethernet connections
  • Local survivability
  • Available SRES and SNAP support
  • Voice, FAX and Modem Support
  • Flexible Call Routing for Fallback and Least Cost Routing
  • Emergency PSTN Backup
  • Interoperability with a Wide Range of Legacy and IP Equipment
  • Lync Tested and Qualified 

Digital Signaling Type
T1, E1
# of Digital Ports
# of Ethernet Ports
Ethernet Port Speeds
10/100/1000 Gigabit
Protocols Supported
SIP, Microsoft Lync
Echo Cancellation
Provisioning Options
Mounting Option
Voice Signaling Methods
AT&T 5ESS, DMS100, E1 CAS, ETSI/EURO ISDN, ISDN, NI1, QSIG Feature Transparency, T1 CAS, VN4, NI2
Sangoma Vega 100G

Michael Rehac

Direct: 716-213-6898

Why Pay $1,395.00 for the Sangoma Vega 100G?

  • Fixed configuration of 30 VoIP calls

  • Supports dual gigabit Ethernet connections

  • Flexible call routing for fallback and least cost routing

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Questions on Sangoma Vega 100G

From Steve Smith at 6/2/2014 8:00 PM

Q: I have an install with an older T-1 circuit pack running a robbed bit non ISDN setting, will this gateway integrate with this setup

A: T1 Vega 100G fully support T1 CAS (Robbed Bit Signalling) operation. In this mode each T1 trunk supports up to 24 simultaneous calls. The specific varieties of CAS RBS supported are:

- E&M Wink Start
- E&M Wink Start with feature group D
- FXS Loop Start
- FXS Ground Start

For more details you can review the Admin Guide that is located in the next link:

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From Johans aNGULO at 11/30/2015 7:00 PM

Q: this support OpenR2?

A: Hi Johans,

Yes, based from installing to Asterisk.

Thank you,

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