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Siemens Gigaset C610H Black (Discontinued)

VoIP Supply is no longer carrying Gigaset DECT phones. Check out our other VoIP DECT phones.

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Siemens Gigaset C610H Black Handset

The Siemens Gigaset C610H Black is an additional handset for the Siemens Gigaset C610A IP VoIP phone. With the Gigaset C610H Black you get additional functionality and flexibility by being able to have extra handsets in different spots throughout the house or office.

Siemens Gigaset C610H Black Handset Overview

The Gigaset C610H Black Is easy to use and has a variety of practical functions. Activate the direct call button to allow children to reach an external number with just one button click. You can also block unknown callers with anonymous call silencing. The baby phone feature lets you designate a number to be called if the volume in the baby’s room reaches a certain level. This can be an internal number, if you are sitting in the next room, or an external number, if you are out of the house. Connect with your baby immediately by activating the selectable talk-back function, which projects your voice over speakerphone. To keep your nights peaceful, the Gigaset C610H Black has a day/night switch that mutes the handset’s ringer while you sleep.

All your conversations are relaxed on the Siemens Gigaset C610H Black, because you never have to worry about the handset’s battery life. With a long talk time of up to 12 hours and standby time of up to 185 hours, you can talk as long as you like and pick up conversations at any time. The Gigaset C610H Black is also very easy to handle, with its large TFT colour display and modern user interface with jumbo font. If you need to give someone a short message that doesn’t require talking long, simply send a text message: on the Gigaset C610H Black, you can send text messages with up to 612 characters.

The family-focused Gigaset C610H Black is flexible, allowing you to adjust your home communication to your individual requirements. Easily add up to 5 extra handsets in total to your home phone. The Gigaset C610H Black also has several ringtones, which you can program for 6 different VIP groups – making these contacts immediately recognizable when they call.

The Gigaset C610H Black also has a hands-free function that lets you talk over speakerphone while you multitask – also in brilliant sound. With this sound technology, you won’t miss a word of what your calling partners say on the Gigaset C610H Black.

Siemens Gigaset C610H Black Features and Functions:

  • Enhanced family features: direct call, anonymous call silencing and integrated baby phone with talk-back option
  • Day/night switch mutes handset’s ringer
  • Large TFT colour display
  • Programmable ringtones with 6 VIP groups
  • Brilliant HSP sound quality, even when talking hands-free
  • Modern user interface with jumbo font for extra convenience
  • Long talk/standby time of up to 12/185 hours
  • Text messages with up to 612 characters
  • Easily expandable by up to 6 handsets
  • Supports the L410 hands-free clip

What's in the Box

  • AC610H handset
  • Desktop charger
  • Belt clip
  • Power adapter
  • Batteries
  • User Guide