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Spectralink 6020 Single Charger Bundle CBS250 (Discontinued)

The Spectralink 6020 Single Charger Bundle CBS250 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. To find similar products, please visit the Spectralink Web Page . For more information, or if you have questions, please call 800.398.8647.

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Product Details
1 Year
MSRP Price:
% Off:
Tech Specs
Provisioning Options:
Auto Provisioning
Standby Time:
60-80 hours
Talk Time:
3-5 hours
Call Notification Method:
Ring, Vibrate
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Polycom Spectralink CBS250 6020 WiFi Phone Single Charger Bundle

The Polycom SpectraLink CBS250 6020 Single Charger Bundle includes 1x SpectraLink 6020 Wireless Telephone (LTB100), 1x Standard Li-ion Battery Pack (BPL100), 1x 60xx/802x/803x Single Charger (DCS100), 1x Power Supply (2200-37278-020). `

Polycom SpectraLink 6020 Product Overview

Polycom® SpectraLink® 6020 Wireless Telephones are designed specifically for use within the enterprise. They are extremely durable and, unlike consumer-grade cellular phone designs, they have no moving parts, no external antennas, and no complex configuration menus. Built on a rugged design, the handsets are equipped with a large earpiece to provide comfort and seal out background noise.
  • Provides all the features of a wired telephone set
  • Simple to operate without extensive training
  • Durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use
  • Superior voice quality — comparable to a wired telephone

    Spectralink 6020 Single Charger Bundle Features:

  • Slim, lightweight design with a larger display
  • Lithium-ion battery packs for long life
  • IP 53 standard, for dust protection and resistance to spraying water
  • MIL STD 810F for shock resistance
  • Office-quality speakerphone for hands-free operation
  • Navigation and soft keys for simple access to frequently used operations
  • Laser-etched backlit keypad for low-light usage
  • Multiple charging options including Single, Dual and Quad Chargers
  • Software download capability for ongoing feature enhancements
    • 1 x SpectraLink 6020 WiFi Phone (LTB100)
    • 1 x Single Charger (DCS100)
    • 1 x Standard Lithium ion battery (BPL100)
    • 1 x North America power supply (2200-37278-020)